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golf scoringWhen I agreed to chair the Men’s League Committee at my club, I had no idea what I was doing.  I wanted our league day to be an event but it clearly wasn’t so I spent a great deal of time visiting with Conveners, Head Professionals, GM’s and F & B experts in order to determine exactly what was needed to organize, promote and run a truly great golf league.  Based on their feedback, we developed a comprehensive online scoring system that works for everyone… the player’s, the Pro and the club!

* Entering scores must be quick and easy
* Results must be available immediately
* Separate league handicaps
* Scoring method must appeal to every level of player from 0 – 36
* Scoring method rewards performance, promotes participation & eliminates “sandbagging”
* Results must be presented in an entertaining fashion
* Regular and easy communication with participants
* System must help build a sense of community, loyalty and camaraderie at the club
* Every participant must believe that their score matters, regardless of its relative quality.

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