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Jul 9, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

July 8th Results

Hey Fellas, 


We had a whopping 36 guys out tofay which is great! Considering the crappy start to the day!

6 Brave warriors went out in the morning! So big props to those guys!


The fan was sure on today to even out the conditions on this fine Wednesday!

Even Blake was able to come down at Dusk to pull out a round for his team so that they could remove the goose egg for the week! So THIS IS OUR YEAR... AGAIN Teammates make sure you give it up to your captain.


Couple of the guys went low including Brydon Devine with the bounceback of a lifetime with 21 Stableford pts after shi*#!n the bed last week with only 7pts. 

Individual Scoring Night:


Low Net:

1. Brydon Devine

2. Aaron Doyle

3. John Killam 


Low Gross:

1. Darcy Darby


The Duece Pot was pushed to next week as we did not run it today. 

Make sure to check out the season standings and statistics to see where you and your team stack up!


Next week we are going to run a Simulator Closest to The Pin Challenge !!!

BUY IN will be $10.00 for 3 shots and Winner takes the Jackpot on a Proshop Gift Card!!

Bring your wallets and your pin seeking ego's!!


See you all Next Week 

Jun 24, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

June 24th Results

   A couple of different weather systems were crawling around the club tonight making the league a very interesting one!

Some great scores for the night for a couple of the guys!

This week's prizing if based upon Team Score!!

 Speaking of Teams. It was nice to see Roy Ranger & the Funky Bunch to get their first win this season. They posted a pretty decent 86 pts for the day, led by their Captain who appears to have found his game of late Kenny Roy, who finished with a gross score of 32 – good enough for the low score of the season so far.  Kenny and I are the dynamic duo here in the shop so I wouldn't go without congratulating him on his great round – a rookie mistake to be sure.  You’d think that after  years of hanging around golf courses and with him I’d be a little more careful when posing the always dangerous, "so, how did you play" question.  As it turns out, Kenny is one of those people who insist on giving you the entire story – yes, my friends – the dreaded hole-by-hole "verbal replaying" of the round and, as a bonus; he’s not averse to a little swing analysis just in case you had any second thoughts about killing yourself on the spot.  Congratulations to Doug Muir, Kevin Handspiker and the rest of the boys for getting off the proverbial schneid for the team.

     Finally, as I’m sure most of you are aware, I never miss an opportunity to draw attention to my good friend, Spike McIvor, when he’s not playing very well. Well, Spike found a little something with his game lately so I guess it’s only fair that I draw attention to him now.... so congrats to you Mr. McIvor on your 42 on the front :/


With the Team win,  the following players will recieve a Dozen Pro V1/V1x:

Doug Muir

Mark Morrison

Ralph Perkins

Eric Buckley


The Deuce Pot was once again WON by AARON DOYLE! the total of the pot is $158.00. Congrats Aaron, way to pick a day to get one.



Jun 17, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

June 17th Results & Blog

June 17th Results 

Image result for Professor teaching putting

Blue Devil Golf Club- Calgary, AB — Saying it was a simple but effective measure to reduce frustrating incidents on the golf course, a study published Monday by the National Golf Foundation found that 90 percent of three-putts could be prevented by holing your second putt.  “Our data confirms that the vast majority of three-putts can be avoided simply by hitting your first putt really, really close to the hole instead of leaving yourself a trickier putt of 3 + feet like some kind of idiot,” said lead researcher Dr. Nicole Alton, adding that the act of putting isn’t really that hard when compared to catching a baseball, riding a bike or throwing a curling rock.  Nicole went on to say that people might even consider holing their first putt although, to be fair, based on her testing at a recent Wednesday Men’s Night here at Blue Devil, nowhere near enough empirical evidence has been recorded to produce a unified conclusion.


 A bit wet here tonight for those that played a little later as I saw a fluctuation in scores tonight! But overall we did have enough brave warriors to have the league be scored with a whopping 46 players tonight. To clarify in future not so nice days we need at least 50% of the players to have the week count(33 players). 


Duece Pot was a push into next week as there were 0 Deuces tonight! (Except for Me....)


Tonights contest scoring was based upon Individual Stableford Points:

Each winner will recieve: Taylormade TP Glove, BD Logo New Era Cap


Top Net 

1. Brock Young 

2. Bill Salter

3. Kevin Maloney


Top Gross

1. Dave Tomczyk


League Standings

1. Foot Wedge Crew- 329- "C"Tanner Wit

2.Pablo Escoballs- 328- "C"Mike Rooney

3.This is Our Year AGAIN- 326- "C"Blake Clayton

4.Fluff it & Duff it-316- "C"Tyson Vettori

5.Devils Minions- 310- "C" Matt Pilon

6. Roy Ranger & The Funky Bunch- 303- "C" Kenny Roy



Tanner Wit

Jun 10, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

June 10th Results

June 10th Results 

Good weather for a good showing of scores this week fellas!

Even the Man, the Myth , the Legend* Blake Clayton stepped out on course and plugged away for his team!! 

They were one point away from victory this week but couldn't quite get the job done.

Making an appearance in the top spot for this week was the Devils Minions with 74pts

Never heard of them? Check the bottom of the standings...


 Team Winners for this week earning themselves a new Adidas 3 Stripe Golf Shirt are:

Randy Langille - we won't talk about his back nine

Greg Munro - must've been the 70's golf shirt tonight

Eric Bouchard- Gotta be the new Silver Mullet

John Killam - he's too nice to make a comment


In other exciting news Jari Yrkki takes home the deuce pot of $280.00, resetting the pot for the next week.


Here are the standings as of now for the league:

1. Pablo Escoballs-253pts

2. Foot Wedge Crew- 247pts

3.This is Our Year AGAIN- 243pts

4. Fluff it and Duff it- 240pts

5. Roy Ranger & the Funky Bunch- 238pts

6. Devils Minions- 236pts


June 3rd Results

Jun 4, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

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May 27th Results

May 28, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

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2020 Wednesday Night Men's League

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch


Devils Minions

High Stableford (Gross)


Blake Clayton


Kenny Roy

Darcy Darby

High Total Points (Net)


Brydon Devine


John Killam

Aaron Doyle

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