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July 8th Results

Jul 9, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

Hey Fellas, 


We had a whopping 36 guys out tofay which is great! Considering the crappy start to the day!

6 Brave warriors went out in the morning! So big props to those guys!


The fan was sure on today to even out the conditions on this fine Wednesday!

Even Blake was able to come down at Dusk to pull out a round for his team so that they could remove the goose egg for the week! So THIS IS OUR YEAR... AGAIN Teammates make sure you give it up to your captain.


Couple of the guys went low including Brydon Devine with the bounceback of a lifetime with 21 Stableford pts after shi*#!n the bed last week with only 7pts. 

Individual Scoring Night:


Low Net:

1. Brydon Devine

2. Aaron Doyle

3. John Killam 


Low Gross:

1. Darcy Darby


The Duece Pot was pushed to next week as we did not run it today. 

Make sure to check out the season standings and statistics to see where you and your team stack up!


Next week we are going to run a Simulator Closest to The Pin Challenge !!!

BUY IN will be $10.00 for 3 shots and Winner takes the Jackpot on a Proshop Gift Card!!

Bring your wallets and your pin seeking ego's!!


See you all Next Week 


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch


Devils Minions

Foot Wedge Crew

This is Our Year AGAIN

High Stableford (Gross)


Kenny Roy


Eric Bouchard

Scott Suchan

Greg Suchan

High Total Points (Net)


Ron Gilbert

Brock Young