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July 15th Results

Jul 16, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

July 15th Results

 What an impressive day for weather and can't complain about the wind either! 

Some great scores in tonight for you guys, it seems the race for the team standings is getting close!!

With 10 weeks left in the league, there is a lot of time for a certain team (Roy Rangers) to lose some steam!!

Kenny shot another 32 this week but we all could have guessed that from his last Tell- all Newsflash! As well, our very own Blake Clayton shot....... well maybe I won't go there.



No your right... I should go there, many asked if Pros were allowed to play from the reds, well folks let me set the record straight that indeed that was Blake’s 2nd shot on the Par 3 today, rounding out a smooth 42. 

As Blake has troubles sleeping tonight, I'm sure Spike McIvor would’ve taken it!!!!


The Deuce Pot of $74.00 was pushed to next week by Ray Drobot and Scott Suchan!!


Tonight’s contest prizing was based off of Team Points!

Team Winner: Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch with 87pts

Winners that contributed to team points:

Doug Muir – Callaway Hat and 2 Sleeves of Pro V1’s

Eric Buckley- Callaway Hat and 2 Sleeves of Pro V1’s

Ralph Perkins- Callaway Hat and 2 Sleeves of Pro V1’s

Rob Hughes- Callaway Hat and 2 Sleeves of Pro V1’s



Thank you to everyone that played in the Simulator KP Challenge, I am hoping to do some more fun stuff like that in the next coming weeks!

The Winner of the KP challenge with an absolute dart of 23 inches is ELDEN MACIVER!  

Congrats Elden, your $160 Gift Card will be in the proshop ready for pick up!



See you all next week





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Top Team


Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch


Devils Minions

Foot Wedge Crew

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High Stableford (Gross)


Kenny Roy


Eric Bouchard

Scott Suchan

Greg Suchan

High Total Points (Net)


Ron Gilbert

Brock Young