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July 29th Results

Jul 30, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit



What a Scorcher today! Hoping you all stayed cool!

Not as many guys today as I thought there would be with 48 guys showing today.

I would like to say sorry to my teammates and also Pete Vettori's back for carrying me today. I will be ready to have a big bounce back next week with an entire 9 holes. So that Pete doesn't have to count for Gross.....



As well as congrats to Kenny for shooting another 32......oh wait he didn't play, I was just getting used to throwing that in the blog :)


As we creep closer to Club Champs I am pretty excited to see how some people play when the pressure is on and when prizes are at stake! 

The Deuce Pot was pushed yet again, growing the pot to $218.00

Tonight's contest was based on TEAM WIN

The winner of this week is THIS IS OUR YEAR...AGAIN

It only took Blake not playing for them to step up and have a great showing for the squad. 

The winners of this week will be:

Scott Suchan- Callaway Hat- 2 Sleeves of Tp5's- Kid is heating up, lucky for you all, he isn't in club champs. And I was hoping for a discount at Sammy's Pizza

Dave Bissett- Callaway Hat- 2 Sleeves of TP5's- It had to be the luck of always wearing a Scotty Cameron Circle T shirt. And I was hoping for a deal on his 3 wood 

Clint Silzer- Callaway Hat- 2 Sleeves of TP5's- even though he wears his pebble beach bucket hat every day!

Ray Drobot- Callaway Hat- 2 Sleeves of Tp5's - Atta boy Ray I am sorry I didn't have any Export "A's" to give out :(


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch


Devils Minions

Foot Wedge Crew

This is Our Year AGAIN

High Stableford (Gross)


Kenny Roy


Eric Bouchard

Scott Suchan

Greg Suchan

High Total Points (Net)


Ron Gilbert

Brock Young