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August 19th Results

Aug 19, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

Good Evening Fellas!

Some beautiful sunshine tonight and some great scores!

The leaderboard is getting closer and closer, especially with a night like tonight.


Tonight's Prizing was Top 3 Net Pts:

We had a tie for 2nd Place so I put names in a hat and those 2 names won the 2nd place prizes and the two others win a BD Towel


1. Greg McCallum- Adidas Ltwt UPF 3/4 ZIP Sweater

2. Paul Krowchuk- Adidas ULT 2.0 ALL DAY SHIRT

3.Tyson Vettori- Adidas ULT 2.0 ALL DAY SHIRT


4.Evan Lindgren- BD Towel

5.Habib Sawaya- BD Towel


The Deuce Pot was pushed with Greg Suchan and Randy Langille both Duecin #5, the Pot is now $74.00


Next Week I will be running another Money Game called Mystery Hole! Bring an extra 2 dollars to get in the game and after the scorecards are in, I will draw whether it will be LOW or HIGH score, and will Draw Holes 1-9, to see who wins the $$$. (For example it could be HIGH SCORE ON HOLE 2). IF it gets pushed with multiple people tying,  I will do it again next week with another $2 buy in, you must opt in next wednesday to be able to play in the extension weeks if need be.


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch


Devils Minions

Foot Wedge Crew

This is Our Year AGAIN

High Stableford (Gross)


Kenny Roy


Eric Bouchard

Scott Suchan

Greg Suchan

High Total Points (Net)


Ron Gilbert

Brock Young