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FInals are Over!!!

Sep 23, 2020 | Posted by Tanner Wit

And just like that it is all said and done!!


An insane battle royale was set from the beginning, a tale as old as time! Head Professional Blake Clayton and his gang of Misfits entered the cage to duke it out with season leader Assistant Pro Kenny Roy and his so called funky bunch. We knew that there would be blood, but little did we know how much would be shed. With both Captains squaring off at 3:27pm Mountain Time, the stage was set to see how had the guts. 

But it wasn't the big dogs who came to play today, instead a rare breed known to some as NET players rose to the occasion. As scores came in like a rain of fire, it was straight out of a storybook. The finals were to be decided bewteen two scorecards as both powerhouses sat at 71pts. Young Professional Brydon Devine of the Funky Bunch vs Clint "Bucket Hat" Silzer of TIOYA were all that stood in the battlefield. Was it going to be the outcome of last years battle where it came down to low gross?? NO, instead both players dashed out to attempt a last minute 9 holes. There was assumptions, suggestions and even beliefs that both would probablly just be UB's at the end of the day. But out of the smoke and flames, beaten down and tired rose a warrior. Brydon Devine walked into the scoring arena (proshop) and with his last bit of strength laid his scorecard down... a 39. A net stableford score of 20 to lift his team above the mighty This is Our Year Again. Congratulations to Kenny and his team on a fantastic season, the win was well deserved. And for 2nd place, there is always....... next year..maybe?

That concludes this year's tee times for Wed. Mens Night, if you would like to play next week you can book a tee time as regular. There will be no official mens League.


We will be having a Banquet Dinner next Wednesday September 30th to hand out the Champions Prizes, as well as Deuce Pot.

The Banquet will start at 6pm 

The plan is to have a dinner served as well as the first round of drinks on the house!

So come out and enjoy the festivities as we say goodbye to an interesting 2020 Wed. Mens League

The maximum occupancy allowed for the Banquet will be 50 guys, so please RSVP with me via email to confirm your attendance.


 Individual Prizing Tonight will be Net and Gross Scoring!

Each winner recieving 2 Sleeves of Titleist Tour Softs

Top Net:

1. Brock Young

2. Ron Gilbert

3. Aaron Doyle

4. Brydon Devine

5. Larry Hanson

Top Gross:

1. Eric Bouchard

2. Greg Suchan

3. Scott Suchan


It has been a blast this year with you all and hope to see most of next wednesday!!




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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


Roy Ranger and the Funky Bunch


Devils Minions

Foot Wedge Crew

This is Our Year AGAIN

High Stableford (Gross)


Kenny Roy


Eric Bouchard

Scott Suchan

Greg Suchan

High Total Points (Net)


Ron Gilbert

Brock Young