Welcome to the Tuesday Night Men's League 2020 Season

Oct 9, 2020 | Posted by kenneth roy

Results for Tuesday

Good evening my Tuesday mens league,


This is the final email for our league this season, I truly want to thank each and everyone one of you for such a crazy but successful season. In may this was just a thought that this may be happening this year.  We started outside under a tent and now we are in October still golfing and with lots of laughs and good food! Scores... well there were some real good and some that hey we are opening a simulator league for a reason :p


Here are tonights winners

There are Gift cards waiting for you in the proshop-

Grand Champions! - Bruce Lockerby and Mike Tolino!!!! -4 

2nd -Rick Probst and Tim Call (countaback) -3

3rd - Mark Park and Brian Renaud (countback) -3



I wish we could have had an official banquet but I hope everyone enjoyed the food and the tournament on our final night!


Please feel free to come out golfing while we remain open, if you want to stop by and have a chat come by as well!


My gameplan is to run the simulators all winter and be back next season so I hope to see you all again!


Leagues like this really make me enjoy my job again thank you all!


Until the next party!


Cheers to a great Season


Kenny Roy- Your League Coordinator

Sep 29, 2020 | Posted by Kenny Roy

Sept 29th!

Tuna History: Why the green jacket? | Tuna Golf


And this years 2020 Tuesday mens league match play winner is !   : 


MIKE HILTZ!!!!!! Congrats!! Well deserved 


Best of luck next year to: Kevin Gilbert


Each of you will have some special prizes to pick up in the proshop congrats to you both on making the finals.


I just wanted to thank each of you once again for making this covid year something special and one to remember !

Next week will be the big wind up so please if you have not email me who your partner is so I am able to make up the scorecards. If you need me to rearange people on the tee sheet please mention that aswell.

We will be doing food before the round and at the turn. We will have the draw for the Taylormade Driver as well.

The big team winners this year: Each of you will have a $75 credit that can be used for ANYTHING in the proshop but MUST be used by the end of the season!!

Brent Breeze  
Darrin Fisher  
Kevin Godfrey  
Tom Latta  
Mark Montgomery  
Shawn O'Neill  
Garry Tink  

Bert Weevers


Here are tonight results:




Low Net    
1st Gerald Novlesky Adidas Hoodie(pgc)
2nd David Eagleton Adidas Hoodie(pgc)
3rd Graham Yarwood Adidas Hoodie(pgc)
4th Alex Atkinson (draw) Adidas Polo
5th Bruce Vollob (draw) Adidas Shirt (long Sleeve)
6th Ken Burns (draw) Adidas Shirt (short Sleeve)
Low Gross    
1st Zak Richardson Adidas Hoodie Zip Up
2nd Brent Breeze Adidas Polo
Westman Village    
Hole 9: LD  Layne Baty Callaway Hat
Hole Prizes    
4 Kp in 3 Layne Baty Callaway Hat
2 LP Adam Batchelor Callaway Hat
12 KP Mike Tolino Callaway Hat
14 KP in 2 Brent Breeze Callaway Hat



THE $2 POT was finally won by non other than Zak Richardson for $432!!!!!!


Thanks Kenny

Sep 22, 2020 | Posted by Kenny Roy

Sept 22nd Results

Champions Don't Just Happen. They're Made  One Strategic Step at a Time   Page 2 of 2  Channel Partners

ANDDDD THE WINNER of the 2020 Tuesday Night Mens League Team is!! : Sponsored by Paige Spiranac

Congrats to the winners I will have your team prize at our year end Banquet!


Thanks to all the teams that gave it a run this year and for all you mens league members you guys make my Tuesday Nights!

Next Week is the final for the Match play and it will just be a fun night for the rest with regular prizing and proxies.


Please read the attachment on the email for something a little different for our wind up!



We are down to our final two for our 32 man match play tournament that has been running for the last few weeks

Better luck next year to : Brian Hosler and Adam Batchelor as they just fell short of the final 2 this year !

Great Job Guys your New Adidas Golf shoes are in the shop waiting for you to pick up.


and good luck to :

Mike Hiltz and Kevin Gilbert as these are the final remaining two !

Your tee time is 3:27 off the front nine and you each can bring one members to play with you so just call the shop or email me and I will fill in the final 2 tee times.


and now onto tonights winners:

Tuesday Men's Night Results - Sept 22nd
Low Net    
1st Chris Nesbitt Adidas Polo
2nd Randy Madsen Adidas Polo
3rd Kelly Storozuk Adidas Polo
4th Garry Tink Adidas Polo
Low Gross    
1st Brent Breeze Adidas Polo
1st Kevin Godfrey Adidas Polo
1st Shawn O'Neill Adidas Polo
1st James Beebe Adidas Polo
Westman Village    
Hole 9: LD  David Groeneveld BD Towel
Hole Prizes    
1 - KP in 2 Mike Hiltz BD Towel
2 - Kp in 2 Dave Groeneveld BD Towel
12 - KTP Brent Breeze BD Towel
14 - KP in 2 Kevin Godfrey BD Towel
Deuce Pot:    
Front - 7 2 Birdies carry over $375!!!!!!!
Back - 16    


See you next week!!


Kenny Roy

Sep 15, 2020 | Posted by Kenny Roy

Tuesday Sept 15 th Results


Golf Channel on Twitter: "Brrr.. Make sure you're bundled up! #SchoolofGolf  helps you play in the cold: https://t.co/dxLW9O9dcQ https://t.co/LZXTsWLTGS"

This was the look tonight as it got a little bit nipply out there! 

Thanks to all 90 guys who made it out ! It has been one hell of a season and I really want to thank each of you for the support each week. 


The Semi finals for match play will be next week and the Finals for the team match play will be next week:

The Teams playing off for the overall Tuesday Mens League Team Champions will be- Trunk Slammers Vs Sponsored By Paige Spiranac

Match play results will be posted tomorrow !

Our final banquet will be outside before the round and as you make the turn on the 29th!

Weather permitting we really would like everyone to come out on October 6th! We will be doing an iron man or some form of scramble within your 4 some so stay tuned with finalized details.


US OPEN WEEEK!!!! Be sure to stay tuned as the first major of the golf season is this upcoming weekend!

and now for tonights results:



Low Net    
1st Thomas Janzen Stroke Lab Odyssey Putter
2nd Ryan Hyland Taylormade Sim 3 Wood
3rd Ed Harris Adidas Hoodie
4th Randy Madsen Adidas Polo
5th Brain Renaud Adidas Polo
6th Jay Enright Adidas Polo
Low Gross    
1st Shawn O'Neill Adidas Hoodie
Westman Village    
Hole 9: LD  Brian Renaud Titleist Hat
Hole Prizes    
1 - Long Putt Tim Call Titleist Hat
7 - Long Putt Kevin Gilbert Titleist Hat
12 - KTP Troy Preston Titleist Hat
16 - KTP Shawn O'Neill Titleist Hat
Deuce Pot:    
Front - 5 1 Birdie Carry Over
Back - 12 2 Birdies Carry Over $317 Total



Thanks and see you next week


Kenny Roy

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