Welcome to the Tuesday Night Men's League 2020 Season

Jul 7, 2020 | Posted by Kenny Roy

People Who Play Golf Ain't So Smart

Calgary, Alberta — In an announcement perceived as a major reassurance to people with low cognitive abilities, subpar reasoning skills, or who are simply “not all there,” Golf Canada released a report today that claims that golf poses little risk to people whose brains already don’t work too well.

“The game is frustrating as hell and has long been thought to be a pointless exercise, but let’s face it — some of these poor bastards don’t have a whole lot else in this world, so why take away their fun?” said University of Newfoundland behaviour expert Dr. Maurice Clifford, whose neuropathological research led him to the conclusion that the risk of anxiety, depression, and psychosis caused by repeatedly playing such a stupid game is mitigated by more than 90 percent in cases where the person presented signs of being a huge dumbass long before the they started.  “Of course, a monumental deficit in human capabilities is the most common trait when it comes to the guys who play regularly.  But what are the symptoms?  Mood swings, agitation, acting like a goddamn idiot all the time?  If that sounds like someone you know, it’s because the dude is either a golfer and/or a bonehead.”  The study concluded that most people will never have to worry about encountering these people.  Most of them join private clubs in order to associate with their own kind.

And a follow up to that announcement here are the results for tonight:

ONE DUECE tonight on the Duece pot holes #12 and #7: Norm Pittet, who neglected to pay his $2 tonight ... you guys can all thank him for the carry over; better luck next week, Norm! 

We had 96 guys out tonight which is still a very strong outing despite the cold weather and a poor forcast but you can never trust that weather man , hes about as accurate as your tee shots on number 6 :P

Scores were a little inflated with that wind so don't feel bad the scoring average went way up tonight!  Time to strike next week.

And now for the prizes:

Low Net    
1st Kevin Chan (draw) Callaway Mavrik Driver
2nd Ken Burns (draw) Adicross Heather Polo
3rd Brennon Bortnick (draw) Adidas Ult bos 365 Shorts
4th Christopher Thompson (draw) Adidas Ult bos 365 Shorts
5th Dwayne Schjefte (draw) Adidas Ult Polo
6th Kevin Ovens  Tp5 Sleeve
7th Dan Ptycia Tp5 Sleeve
8th Brian Hosler Chrome Soft Sleeve
9th David Eagleton Chrome Soft Sleeve
10th Norm Pittet Chrome Soft Sleeve
11th Grant Kanwicher Chrome Soft Sleeve
Low Gross    
1st Brent Breeze Dozen Tp5 
Hole Prizes    
Hole 3 Ball in Sand- Mike Stewart Tp Flex Glove
Hole 6 Closest to Pin- Greg Squire Tp Flex Glove
Hole 9 Long Drive Westman Village- Chris Thompson Dozen Tour Response
Hole 11 Ball In Sand- Jeff Kuropatwa Tp Flex Glove
Hole 16 Closest to Pin- Brent Breeze Tp Flex Glove


I just want thank each of you for your support each week and making my tuesdays as fun as a work day can be, if you guys have any questions about the league always feel free to reach out.


Thanks and we will see you next week!


Your league coordinator, Kenny Roy

Jun 23, 2020 | Posted by Kenny Roy

Still Working On It...

Hello Tuesday Mens Night and welcome to another great week here at Blue Devil.  This may have been the best weather to date this year and we had a whopping 121 players tonight!!  The banquet room was looking full and lots happy looking guys good luck to anyone who got a ballot for the SIM MAX Taylormade Driver!

Reminder to dress up for Canada Day next week- there will be a little extra something for the best dressed

Just a note on booking procedures - For the most part it seems to be working for most of you.

We are seeing a lot of threesomes getting booked which is making it difficult for some guys to get times in their specified slot or with their buddies.  Going forward if you could please try to book foursomes that would be a big help.  If you don't know all of your teammates please feel free to reach out and I can put you in touch with each other.

A little banter to go along with your beer or coffee:

Speaking of Useless Bastards... I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see that Mr. Zak Richardson had played so poorly when you consider that he almost won the low net prize twice out of the last four weeks.  The truly sad part about his horrible net of 41 this week is that his Father Bruce told me Zak has actually been working on his game.  Earlier in the year he was fitted for a new driver and not long ago he went to the trouble of taking a few lessons.  Bruce told me that, this week, Zak incorporated a new drill into an already peculiar pre-shot routine that was apparently designed to make him look like an idiot while shooting a preposterously high score.  You really have to respect the effort guys like Zak put in so they can continue to play like crap.  According to Zak, the purpose of his new exercise is to promote a stationary head during the backswing but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t move everything but his bowels during the downswing.  I told him he should keep working on it but, honestly, that was only to provide the rest of you with the opportunity to see him in action before he switches to a less foolish method of swing-repair.  I’d prefer to keep that last part quiet if you don’t mind...... and Zak knows Kenny Loves Him!! See you at your next lesson


And now to tonights winners: 

Low Net    
1st Chris Scher Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter
2nd Ryan Hyland Callway Jaws Wedge
3rd Bart Simpson Adidas Tour Polo
4th Rick Probst Adidas Tour Polo
5th Andre Lefebvre 2 sleeve Chrome Soft
6th Alex Atkinson 2 sleeve Chrome Soft
7th Bert Weevers 2 sleeve Chrome Soft
8th Bob Swindells 2 sleeve Tp5
9th Jay Enright 1 Sleeve Tp5
10th Gil Labonte 1 Sleeve Tp5
11th Clint Jones 1 Sleeve Tp5
Low Gross    
1st Layne Baty Cleveland Golf Bag
2nd Kevin Godfrey 2 Sleeve Tp5
Hole Prizes    
Hole 2: Longest Putt- Mike Tolino 2 Sleeve Tp5
Hole 6: Closest to the pin in 2- Kent Cameron 2 Sleeve Tp5
Hole 10: Closest to the pin in 2- Cale Marklund 2 Sleeve Tp5
Hole 18: Longest Putt- Ryan Hyland 2 Sleeve Tp5
Deuce Pot:    
Front - 7 Cut Off 6 Birdies  
Back - 12 Bob Swindell-$260  


Thanks to everyone for the support each week you guys make my tuesdays a treat !


See you next week



Jun 16, 2020 | Posted by Kenny Roy

Tuesday June 16th Results