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Oct 9, 2020 | Posted by kenneth roy

Good evening my Tuesday mens league,


This is the final email for our league this season, I truly want to thank each and everyone one of you for such a crazy but successful season. In may this was just a thought that this may be happening this year.  We started outside under a tent and now we are in October still golfing and with lots of laughs and good food! Scores... well there were some real good and some that hey we are opening a simulator league for a reason :p


Here are tonights winners

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Grand Champions! - Bruce Lockerby and Mike Tolino!!!! -4 

2nd -Rick Probst and Tim Call (countaback) -3

3rd - Mark Park and Brian Renaud (countback) -3



I wish we could have had an official banquet but I hope everyone enjoyed the food and the tournament on our final night!


Please feel free to come out golfing while we remain open, if you want to stop by and have a chat come by as well!


My gameplan is to run the simulators all winter and be back next season so I hope to see you all again!


Leagues like this really make me enjoy my job again thank you all!


Until the next party!


Cheers to a great Season


Kenny Roy- Your League Coordinator


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