Welcome to the Monday Night Men's League 2020 Season

Jul 6, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

July 6th Results


It's finally starting to look like summer out there and it's showing in the scores too!

Shout out to Jon Yung who led the way with a 2 under 34, followed by Matt Lipman with a 1 under 35

Great job to both of you, I'm pretty sure those are the first sub par scores I've seen for Monday Men's this year.

Too bad we only had 1 Callaway Mavrick driver to give out tonight!!


Not as many deuces tonight....

Congrats to Jon Yung for a deuce on #5 and Trent Leavitt for a deuce on #16.

Unfortunately, those weren't the deuce pot holes :(

We had Mike Wells and Tom Forbes saw off the front 9 deuce hole #7 - a whopping $295 carried over to next week, let's keep it going.

No deuces on the back 9 deuce hole #12 - $75 carried over to next week.


In the golfing world this week...

Beefed up Bryson DeChambeau finally won after knocking on the door each and every week.

It's fun to watch these guys pound the ball 400 yards and then chip and putt to some easy mid 60's every round.

Must be frustrating for the precision players, they have to play flawless to finish 6 shots back.

One question though - will they ever piss test on the big tour!?

I like the guys swagger - at the beginning of the week he apologized in advance to course designer Doanld Ross for bombing drives over all bunkers in his path. He apologized again after winning the tournament lol


So, why not include some quotes from the worlds renowned course designers:


"The older you get, the stronger the wind gets - and it's always in your face" Jack Nicklaus

"Every hole should be a hard par but an easy bogey" Robert Trent Jones

"The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody put a flagstick on top" Pete Dye


And if you need a good golf laugh:

search Robin Williams Golf on YouTube (Explicit Warning)


Prizing below, have a great week and see you Monday.




Most Stableford Points NET  
Brad Dewhirst Cleveland RTX4 Wedge
Derek Britten Adidas 3 Stripe Polo &
  Adidas Braided Weave Belt
James Lomas Adidas 3 Stripe Polo
Most Stableford Points GROSS  
Jon Yung Callaway Mavrick Driver
Matt Lipman Adidas 3 Stripe Polo &
  Adidas 3 Strip Navy Belt
Jason Rideout Adidas 3 Stripe Polo
Hole Prizes  
#5 KP - Steve Holland Sleeve of Callaway Super Soft 
#7 KP - Ray Wong Sleeve of Callaway Super Soft 
#12 KP - Marc Donaldson Sleeve of Callaway Super Soft 
#16 KP - Gavin Dyer Sleeve of Callaway Super Soft 
Deuce Pot  
Front 9 - #7 - Tom Forbes & Mike Wells $295 Carried Over
Back 9 - #12 - No Deuces $75 Carried Over






Jun 29, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

June 29th Results

Hey Guys,


Another great evening on the links, much better than the forecast called for.


I don't know about you but it sure is nice to have some sports entertainment to watch.

Although with players coming down with Covid I wonder how long until they ultimately shut things down?


In golfing news this week...

All eyes were on young rookie Collin Morikawa, who was getting close to Tiger's record of 25 made cuts to start his professional career. So, naturally he scraped it around and missed the cut and one of Tiger's many impressive records remains untouched.

It makes me think of a memorable movie quote from Resevoir Dogs where Harvey Keitel (Mr. White) famously said:

"Even if you DREAM of breaking one of Tiger's records, you better wake up and apologize son!"

It may be the first and last time he was mentioned in the same breath as TW but pretty cool for him I'm sure.

In 22 starts as a pro, he has a win and a runner-up finish at Colonial recently. Sounds like a promising career to me.


In other golf news, we had a Mike Weir siting! at the Korn Ferry Tour's Utah Championship where Mike not only made the cut but finished a respectable T67.

Not sure if he's still using his medical exemptions or perhaps a sporsors invite being a longtime Utah resident but it's good to see him out and about.

He's had a rough go of late but he was the face of canadian golf for over a decade, took down Tiger in the President Cup singles matches at Rotal Montreal - which ended up being the clinching point and of course you'll always be the first canadian to win a MAJOR Mike!


Now for some prizing:


See you next week,




Team Prize Sleeve of Callaway Supersoft  
Dropping Deuces Brad Dewhirst, Brent Peers, Ryan Huggan, Kevin Metcalf, 
  Brent Keen, Matt Lipman, Dustyn Campbell, Jordan Ducharme
Most Stableford Points NET    
Tom Forbes Cleveland Putter (1 of 3)  
Jordan Ducharme Cleveland RTX4 Wedge  
James Koch Dozen Callaway Chrome Soft Yellow BD logo
Jon Walsh 2 sleeves Callaway ERC Soft  
Dustyn Campbell 2 sleeves Callaway ERC Soft  
John Real 2 Sleeves Callaway Supersoft  
Ryan Huggan 2 Sleeves Callaway Supersoft  
Most Stableford Points GROSS    
Claude Vilgraine Adicross stetch woven shirt  
Trent Leavitt Adicross PPF shoe  
Ben Cox Dozen Callaway Chrome Soft BD logo
Matt Lipman 2 Sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft BD logo
Jeff Nichols 2 Sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft BD logo
Hole Prizes    
#1 KP in 2 - Bernie Rosier Titleist Tour Towel  
#5 Long Putt - James Koch Blue Devil Headcover  
#6 Water Draw - Quincy Mitchell Titleist Tour Towel  
#10 KP in 2 - Trent Leavitt Blue Devil Headcover  
#15 Water Draw - Shane Hansley Titleist Tour Towel  
#16 Long Putt - Neil Jukes Blue Devil Headcover  
Deuce Pot    
Front 9 - #5 - Rob Hunter/James Koch $220 Carried Over  
Back 9 - #12 - Matt Lipman $150  

Jun 23, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

Monday Men's League - June 22nd Results

Hey Guys,


Another stellar evening of golf in the books.

Congrats to all you dads out there, hopefully you enjoyed some family time over the weekend.


Just a note on booking procedures - For the most part it seems to be working for most of you.

We are seeing a lot of threesomes getting booked which is making it difficult for some guys to get times in their specified slot or with their buddies.

Going forward if you could please try to book foursomes that would be a big help.

If you don't know all of your teammates please feel free to reach out and I can put you in touch with each other.


Don't look now but Team "We Ain't Got Nothing Again" took down the overall team prize!

Warren Blair, Pat Devine, Jon Finnimore, John Rundell, Scott Forgrave, Brett Woods, John Real and John Tohill take home a sleeve of Callaway ERC Soft balls each.


Most Stableford Point NET


John Cairns - Srixon camo carry bag

Craig MacFarlane - a Dozen Callaway ERC Soft balls

Pat Devine - PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Jon Finnimore - Titleist hat or visor & TM Stratus Tech glove


Most Stableford Points GROSS


Colin Clarke - Adidas Ultimate BOS Shorts

Dave MacDonell - Adidas Ultimate BOS Shorts

Jon Yung - 2 Sleeves of Chrome Soft balls

Ben Cox - 2 Sleeve sof Chrome Soft balls


Hole Prizes


KP #7 - Rob Hunter - Titleist hat or visor and TM Stratus Tech glove

KP #12 - John Cairns - Titleist hat or visor and TM Stratus Tech glove


Deuce Pot


Front - #7 - $150 Carried over ($70 & $80 today)

Back - #12 - $80 Carried over


Best of the Worst


Bernie Rosier - 2 Sleeves of Chrome Soft balls


US OPEN Trivia

Winner of the 2006 US OPEN - Geoff Ogilvy (+5) Nailed by Jon Yung, he even got the correct tournament score - impressive!

2 Sleeves of Chrome Soft balls

Winner of the 1971 US OPEN - Lee Trevino, 6 correct entries and a randrom draw for winner John Tohill 

Titleist hat or visor and 2 sleeve sof Chrome Soft balls


In honor of Father's Day I had to include something for Lee Trevino - my old man's favorite. He even rocked the bright red trousers back in the day.

If you don't know about him check out his wikipedia page of his Chronicle of a Champion Golfer documentary.

He's a hall of famer and one of the true legends of the game but best know as a beauty of a character.

You might have heard of some of his lines such as:


"Golf is the most fun I've had with my clothes on"

"You can do 2 things with your head down: Pray and Golf!"

"When I hit em right, they land like a butterfly with sore feet"

"The older I get, the better I used to be"






Jun 16, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

Monday Men's Results June 15

Hey Fellas,


Thanks for coming out tonight, looks like the only decent golfing weather we'll get this week.


For those of you that aren't aware, the scoring website we use to broadcast scores on the big screen is available to view at home or on any mobile device at: www.golfscoring.net

You just need to select Blue Devil as the golf course and then the Monday Men's league.

You can view pretty much any scores and stats imagineable but please note, we use a stableford scoring system for our Men's League.


Sometimes guys qualify for both the Net and Gross prizing. In this case we give you the bette rof the two.

Shout out to Dave Macdonell who came in 2nd in both the Net and Gross this week - nice playing!


League Prizing Fees - We are still missing a number of guys weekly $5 league prizing fees.

I know last year you could check in and pay for everything at once and not everyone knows we collect $5 weekly from every player for prizing.

Please come see us in the pro shop to check in before your round. We at least need to collect $5 as well as the optional $2 Deuce pot and whatever you may need before teeing off.


Scoring - Thanks to everyone for clearly labelling players including last names, scoring was a breeze!


Prizing - will change weekly based on turnout and weekly winners. The goal is to ensure everyone gets a prize or two throughout the season. So, introducing this week - The Best of the Worst! One random draw by me for the "Useless Bastards"

As in the guys who's score didn't count towards their team.


Also, this week we ran a putting contest (Thanks for the suggestion Ash, even though you and your boys didn't come out)

Mike Forkheim outlasted Mike Hickey in a playoff duel for the ages!

And congrats to Mike Wells for a DEUCE on #16 in this wind, no small feat!


Most Stableford Points NET
1. Brad Dewhirst
Cleveland Putter
Sleeve of TM TP5 Balls
2. Dave Macdonell
Adicross PPF Shoes - Black
3. James Koch
Adicross Retro Shoes
4. Alyn Lee
Adicross Retro Shoes
5. Noel Grisdale
3 Sleeves of TM TP5 Balls
Dustyn Campbell
3 Sleeves of TM TP5 Balls
Most Stableford Points GROSS
1. Gavin Dyer
Adidas Ultimate 365 Polo
Sleeve of TM TP5 Balls
2. Trent Leavitt
Adidas Ultimate 365 Polo
3. Steve Holland
Adidas Ultimate 365 Polo
4. Ben Cox
2 Sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft
Hole Prizes
#3 Sand Draw
Chad Kapatch
2 Sleeves of TM Soft Response Balls
#9 Closest to Pin in 3
John Anderson
2 Sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft
#12 Water Draw
Dale Lalonde
2 Sleeves of TM Soft Response Balls
#15 Closest to Pin in 3
Evan Brown
2 Sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft
Deuce Pot
Front 9 - #5
Multiple Deuces $70 carried over
Back 9 - #16
Mike Wells $75
Putting Contest
Mike Forkheim
2 Sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft
TM Stratus Tech Glove
Best of the Worst
David Tegenkamp
Dozen TM Soft Response Balls





June 8th Results

Jun 9, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

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June 1st Results

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Monday Night Men's League - May 25th Results

May 15, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


Distancing Dueces

Dropping Deuces


Team 13

High Stableford (Gross)


Jonathan Yung


Matt Lipman


Jason Rideout

Colin Clarke

High Total Points (Net)


Brad Dewhirst


Matt Lipman


Todd McConnell

Derek Britten

James Lomas

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