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Sept. 14th Results

Sep 14, 2020 | Posted by Matt Pilon

Hey Guys,


Weather wasn't great but we had individual matches to continue and team playoffs for our top 8 teams to get through tonight, so thanks for coming out.

For those of you that did make it out - prizes for everyone! or close to anyway.

Attached is the match play bracket.

Congrats to: Dave Bissett, Jeff Currie, Chuck Lemke, Jay McConnell, Brent Peers, Gavin Dyer, Alyn Lee and Brett Woods on winning their matches and advancing!

Those of you who came out on the losing end have a nice new jacket waiting for you next week to keep you warm out there.

Also, the following players still have a golf polo waiting in the pro shop next Monday for your graceful exits in the first round:

Brenton, Rudy, Dennis, Jordan, Ken Sizer and Scott Forgrave.



Our top seeded "Dropping Deuces" fell to the suddenly streaking "Distancing Deuces" winning the DEUCES BOWL!

"Distancing Deuces" crept into the playoffs and led by their fearless leader Jon Yung, had a solid night edging the top seed by a mere 3 points.

"Hot Sauce on the Side" beat out "We Ain't Got Nothing Again", no surprise there :) 

"Bogeys R Us" edged "FIGJAM", I guess they weren't as good as they thought tonight.

And lastly, "Driveway Beers" cruised past "8 Angry Men" with a blistering 72 points!

Although "8 Angry Men" only fielded 2 players tonight, essentially throwing the match - goof job guys lol


Some excellent play on a tough cold evening.


Here are the prizes for the rest of us. Special shout out to John Anderson and Todd Sniher who went out as a twosome and apparently fed off each others birdie juice for a couple impressive matching 35's, well done guys!

See you all next week.





Most Stableford Points NET  
Todd Sniher TM SIM Fairway Wood
John Anderson Adicross Drive Polo
Reg Landry Adipure Premium Polo
Scott Forgrave Blue Devil Toque & 2 sleeves of Tru Feel
Adam Trudeau 2 Sleeves of Titleist Velocity Balls
Bill Hennessy 2 Sleeves of Titleist Velocity Balls
Darcy Hegg 2 Sleeves of Titleist Velocity Balls
Shawn Landry 2 Sleeves of Titleist Velocity Balls
Most Stableford Points GROSS  
Colin Clarke Adicross Drive Polo
Matt Lipman Adipure Premium Polo
Clayton Peirens Blue Devil Toque & sleeve of Soft Response Balls
Hole Prizes Sleeve of Titleist Tru Feel Balls each
#2 Longest Putt John Rundell
#4 Longest Putt Tyler Giesbrecht
#6 Water Draw Jeremy Baker
#11 Longest Putt Sean Jackman
#13 Longest Putt Dustyn Campbell
#15 Water Draw Steve Vines
Deuce Pot(s) NO DEUCES
Front - #5 $285 carried over
Back - #12 $72 carried over
Chipping Contest  
Trent Leavitt Blue Devil Toque & sleeve of ProV1X


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Ash O'Neill


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