Welcome to the Thursday Men's Night 2021 Season

May 2, 2021 | Posted by Carson

April 29th Thursday Mens Night

Hey everyone, 

Welcome back for another year. We apologize for some of the issues regarding the online booking and are currenlty working on trying to get that back to running smoothly. Hopefully everything else went well!


Exciting news! Cochrane Toyota is hosting a $50,000 end of the year hole in one shootout. In order to particpate in this contest, each weeks proxy winners will be given one entry. There is only 1 entry per person for the year. Best of luck!


This weeks winners:




Low Gross:

dozen zstar

Tyson Soloski

low gross 2

dozen zstar

Mel Heibert

low gross 3

logo polo 

Scott Witzke

low gross 4

logo polo 

Dan Reid

19th hole

back pack 

Mike Metz


Calaway Epic Driver

Rob Gibb

Useless hacker:  

logo polo 

Dan Kelly

KP 3

logo towel ping hat

Mason Kramer

KP 16

logo towel taylormade hat

Garry Roberts

LP 11

logo towel lucky hat

Rick Armstrong

LP 6

logo towel ge hat

Adam Mcmillan




Ken Wood


Marvin Lum


Blair Marshall


Daune Sobie



If anyone has any questions regarding scoring or booking, feel free to email me at Carson@gleneaglesgolf.com


Apr 29, 2021 | Posted by carson

Rule Sheet

Apr 22, 2021 | Posted by carson


TONIGHT IS CANCELLED FOLKS. ( APRIL 22nd) rebook tomorrow under week 2 schedules!

Thursday Men's Night Sponsors:

Tommy Gun's Barbershop

Official Sponsor - Cochrane Golf Ranking

Cochrane Toyota Mens League

2020 Title Sponsor

This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Boondock Shanks


Rahm and Cokes

Bjornson Golf Trotters

Low Gross


Cam Heibert


Tyson Soloski

Low Net


Scott Witzke


Tyson Soloski

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