Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2021 Season

May 6, 2021 | Posted by Riley Boothby

Covid Effective May 10th

Hey Everyone,


The government released their Stop the Spike plan with sever restrictions for every business.  Under these new protocols Outdoor Sport and Recreation is restricted unless from member of the same household, or 2 specific (not changing) people who live alone.  These restrictions will be extremely difficult to navigate under, however we do feel lucky to still be able to open.  Golf has a responsibility to follow all guidelines in order to stay open.  We understand there will be many questions, we have many ourselves.  At this time we have to make some changes based on the information that we have be given by our AHS inspectors. Starting Monday May 10th. 


At that time these will be the new protocols that we will be operating under for at least the next 3 weeks as per the Alberta Government.  Any type of group gathering has been targeted with the harshest restrictions which is why the league night will have to change substantially for the next 3 weeks. Thank you for your patience while we navigate this very unique situation in order to keep the golf course open for everyone to enjoy. Here is how the new restrictions will affect Monday and Tuesday night tee times:


  1. All times will be mandatory 9 holes only to accommodate more players, this means no continuing on for additional holes for these three weeks or until restrictions are lifted
  2. Tee times will be limited to 2 people that are in the same household or close contact/cohort
  3. If you do not have anyone in the league that you would consider a close contact/cohort or same household, you will be able to call in on your league night to see if there are any open tee times for a single to go out by yourself. Singles will not be able to book 6 days in advance
  4. Only 2 booking classes will have access to the tee sheet. Meaning next week will be Class 1&2, the week after will be Class 3&4. We will give those classes 24 hours to book tee times, at which time we will open the remaining times to the other two classes. The booking classes will rotate on a weekly basis until these restrictions are lifted
  5. Tee Times will run at a 7 minute tee time interval from 4:00PM-8:00PM. With twosomes, the pace should be quite a bit faster allowing later times to get in 9 holes.


Tee Times FOR Week of May 10th


  • I will be cancelling all times that are currently booked in.
  • The tee sheets will open at the following times:
    • Monday Men’s Night- May 10th will be open for twosome bookings online, Friday at 10AM
    • LADIES  Night- May 12th will be open for twosome bookings online, THURSDAY at 2:00 PM
    • THURSDAY Men’s Night- May 13th will be open for twosome bookings online, Friday at 10AM


  • Any times that are not booked will be open for Class 3 & 4 to book on Saturday at 10AM (MENS CRITERIA ONLY)
  • The following week will be Class 3 & 4 that will be allowed to book 6 days in advanced, with Class 1 & 2 booking 5 days in advanced with the remaining times available.
  • This process will continue for 3 weeks or until the restrictions are lifted
  • Members will follow their booking class and will only be able to book in advance when their class has the advanced booking


For all tee time reservations, we kindly ask that you do your best to book online and for anyone outside of the parameters stated above please contact myself and ill do my best to accommodate.


Starting in June we will be back to regular nights and look forward to a long summer of golf, friends, a few drinks, and lots of laughs!


Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Apr 28, 2021 | Posted by Riley Boothby

APRIL 26th Winners

Hey Guys sorry for the phone and online tech issues for booking. still have the system down causing some crazy problems!

Everything seemed to go well opening night!







  Type of prize/ w Code: name:
Low Gross: dozen zstar JJ Vanderstam
low gross 2 dozen zstar rob daumler
low gross 3 logo polo p1623 Tom Kwan

low gross 4

  logo polo p1623 Tony Kwan
19th hole

back pack p7815

  Dave Smale
Perfect attendance Sim2 Driver Jimmy Skrivanos
Useless hacker logo polo p1623 Rick Carmichael
KP 3 logo towel ping hat Blair Marshal
KP 12 logo towel taylormade hat Dan Wickstrom
LP 11 logo towel lucky hat Ken Soloski
LP 4 logo towel ge hat Phil Watalla
DEUCES $345.00      
Blair M $115.00    


Tony K $115.00     Soloman C
Coogan $115.00      



Apr 25, 2021 | Posted by Riley Boothby

APRIL 26th

Apr 11, 2021 | Posted by RILEY




*** UNTIL FUTHER NOTICE WE ARE SINGLE RIDER CARTS, EXCEPT THE SAME HOUSEHOLD) CARTS # Are limited anyone willing to walk would greatly help our situation!


    Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9  
    APRIL 19th April 26th May 3rd May 10th May 17th May 31st June 7 June 14 June 21  
Class 1    Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late  
Class 2 Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early  
Class 3 Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late  
Class 4 Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early Back 9 Late Front 9 Early Front 9 Late Back 9 Early  
  Dirty Bakers FIsts GE PROS The Lofts      
  Gimmies Puttrick Swayzes BogeyMen The Ocho      
  Two Stroke Blokes Bunker Boys Weapons of Grass Shanks    

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Bunker Boys


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Low Gross


Tony Kwan

Rob Daumler

Tom Kwan

JJ Vanderstam

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Gautam Sinha


James Wood

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