Why Choose golfscoring.net?

We know how to organize, promote and run a great golf league.
The beauty of the golfscoring.net system is that it’s grown organically.  In 2003, the founder, Pat Alpaugh, started a league at his home club but it was slow to catch on. Within a couple of years it grew to a respectable 50 players but the event was lacking excitement and he knew it could be much better. At the end of the second season, he realized he needed some help so he contacted as many golf experts (League Conveners, Pro’s, GM’s, F & B mangers, etc.) as possible and asked them for a specific list of what they needed if they wanted to run the perfect golf league.
  • Entering scores must be quick and easy
  • Separate league handicaps
  • Easy communication with participants
  • Results must be presented in an entertaining fashion
  • A league day should feel like an event
  • Scoring method must appeal to every skill level
  • Every participant must feel relevant
  • Scoring method must reward performance, promote participation and eliminate “sandbagging”
  • The System must help build a sense of community, loyalty and camaraderie

Things changed almost immediately; by the fifth year, his league had 260 players sign up and they averaged almost exactly 200 players every week. On top of that, the lounge was sold out every league night so their success was great for the players and for the club. It wasn’t long until he heard from other clubs asking where they could purchase the program.  This was the start of golfscoring.net

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