Our Program

  1. Medium to large sized leagues are wonderful except for the people running them! The manual scoring for large leagues can be overwhelming. With this system, all that’s required on your league day is the entry of each participant’s gross score. The system does all the calculations and the results are posted on the website and club TV’s immediately. Results can also be printed directly from the website for posting on the club bulletin boards.
  2. With most leagues there is very little excitement because participants have no idea how they fared until, at best, the next day. We’ve addressed this with the real-time scoring on the TV’s but, because all of the scoring information is available on the Internet 24/7, we’ve also addressed it for the person who couldn’t play that week or those who can’t get out to the course until later in the day. Participants can check the league website at any time during the day to see how their team and friends are doing. This has proven to be very popular. Participants know exactly how their team and friends are doing before they even get to the course.
  3. Nothing kills an event quicker than alleged handicap improprieties! The program allows for multiple tees/course ratings and maintains a separate league handicap.
  4. Results and Statistics are fine but it has to be entertaining. As the Pro Shop/Committee enters the players scorec the program automatically updates everything; gross/net individual scores, team scores, standings, scoring averages, Skins and recalculates every handicap. This information is formatted specifically for broadcast on the club TV’s and immediately uploaded to the Internet so there is a palpable feel of excitement as the scores are entered throughout the day/evening. There is also a “Player On Course” feature so the people in the lounge will know who is still out battling. If used properly the Live Scoring feature will keep your participants around longer and that’s obviously good for the food and beverage side of things.
  5. You have to stay in touch! We provide each league with its own website. The nice thing about having a league-specific site is that it brings all of the participants together during the week. In addition to displaying all of the scoring information the website is great for sponsor logos, ads, promoting upcoming club events, etc.
  6. The bottom line is that the program works; GM’s like it because it helps build a sense of community while significantly increasing Food & Beverage sales. Pro’s like it because it has the potential to drive considerable revenue through the shop and it removes the need for any manual scoring. The participants enjoy it because it rewards performance, promotes participation, builds camaraderie and the results are presented in a very entertaining fashion.

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