How Our Program Works

Prior to building the program, we spoke extensively with Conveners, Golf Captains, Professionals & GM’s to determine exactly what they needed to organize, promote and run a great golf league;

  • Entering scores must be quick and easy
  • Separate league handicaps
  • Every participant must feel relevant
  • A league day should feel like an event
  • Scoring method must reward performance, promote participation and eliminate “sandbagging”

  • Results must be available immediately
  • Scoring method must appeal to every skill level
  • Results must be presented in an entertaining fashion
  • Scoring method must appeal to every skill level
  • The System must help build a sense of community, loyalty and camaraderie FAQ’s…

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Q1: Running a successful league can be very time consuming.  Is any manual scoring required?

A1: All that’s required is the entry of each participant’s gross score.  The system does all the calculations and results are posted on the league website and club TV’s immediately.

Q2: Is the information readily available?

A2: Participants can check the site at any time during the day/week.  There’s also a mobile site for Smartphones.

Q3: What makes the system “fun”?

A3: Most leagues lack excitement because participants have no idea what’s going on until, at best, the next day.  With this system, every time a new score is entered the league website and the Live Scoring on the TV’s is updated immediately.

Q4: Nothing kills an event quicker than alleged handicap improprieties.  What about the league handicaps?

A4: The program allows for multiple tees/course ratings and maintains a detailed scoring history and separate league handicap for each player. Because every player wants to contribute to his/her team, sandbagging is virtually eliminated.

Q5: Does it work for Stableford?

A5: The system can be used for stroke play or Stableford

Q6: How does the scoring method appeal to players of all abilities!

A6: The system can used for individual or team scoring but we prefer a team format.  For teams, our scoring method is based on the NCAA format of team golf but, unlike the NCAA, we allow for both gross and net scores.  Team scores are determined by whatever combination of gross and net scores the committee chooses and I mean any.  You can go with all net scores if you want but when you count a combination of both gross and net scores you are effectively pleasing everybody. This allows for both gross and net players to post their own score while still keeping the focus on the team.