“In our first year, we had 106 guys which was pretty good but three years later, it’s very different.  After bringing in golfscoring.net, the next best thing we did was follow your advice to count gross scores.  It’s hard to believe that it was only a net-based league prior to that.  We’ve been watching our better players come on board a bit at time ever since.  And now, we are nearly twice the size of what we were.  It’s been really cool watching it grow and it’s gained the attention of a LOT of people – the Board, the Captain’s Committee, the Clubhouse, the Pro Shop, and the membership at large.  All of us associated with the league get a lot of compliments and feedback.  One long-time member told me last week that we’ve improved the fellowship at the Club.  That one really resonates with me.  Again, we owe some thanks to you and golfscoring.net.”  Andrew Pringle, Co-Convener, Hamilton G & C C

“The members love it, Pat.  You and your program are fantastic.  Trevor Fackrell, Head Professional, Burlington G & C C

“Can’t wait to start again next year. We’re facing the best problem… we may not have enough room on the tee sheet to satisfy the number of people who want to play!”  Brendan Parsons, Director of Operations, Listowel Golf Club

“I just want to thank you for everything you did for us this year. The guys absolutely loved it.”  Kellen Fifield, Pro Shop Manager, St. Mary’s Golf & Country Club

”Speaking of winners – the success of Men’s Night golf is amazing. It just keeps building. The experience for the members is first rate – tee to green to Men’s Lounge!”  Jim Grant, President, Brantford G. & C. C.

”We’ve been on board since 2006. It was a great success then and the boys are more excited every year.” Bernie Hanna, Men’s Night Committee, Beverly G & C C

”Thanks for everything you’ve done!  We just wound things up and I’ve already had offers of sponsorship for next year. The lounge was much busier thanks to the live scoring. It’s working exactly as you said it would!” Greg Thacker, Assistant Professional, Galt Country Club

“I can’t believe the response to our Men’s Night this year. I’ve never seen such the members so excited and it’s entirely because of your program.”  Matt Simmons, Head Golf Professional, Whitewater Golf Club

”Things were dying a slow death here. The members who ran the league previously didn’t want to do it anymore because it was too much work. Once we learned about your software it was a quick and easy decision to run it so now I’m the hero who saved the league.”  Greg Baetz, GM, Burford Golf Club

“I am very pleased with how everything is going! I’ve had many members thank me for getting something exciting going! Thanks for all your help.” Marty Weber, Head Golf Professional RiverBend Golf Community

“You’re welcome, Pat. It’s such a great product that it’s easy to make a referral. I knew your program would be perfect for that crowd over there!” Todd Majaury, GM, Dundee Country Club

“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Did I ever tell you how great this program is?  Keep up the good work.” Cory McLaughlin, Head Professional, The Club at North Halton

“Extremely pleased with everything as are the Mens League players so thank you. As a matter of fact I just recommended you to the Pro across town.” Chris Bratten, Head Professional, Silver Lakes Golf Club

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