GM’s Love It!

In 2008, Golf Digest produced a series of articles regarding the future of both public and private golf. According to the magazine, “clubs should be looking to Men’s, Women’s and Mixed golf leagues in order to increase F & B revenue while helping to build a sense of community”

Here's what our customers are saying........

"Last year, I decided it was time to make our Men's Night the can't-miss event we knew it could be.  We went from apathy to a full roster of  participants who were engaged all year long and the Live Scoring on the TV was great for sales in our lounge and on the patio. Choosing was a great decision."  - Jay Gazeley, COO, Cataraqui G & C C

"The program has been great for the club and with the TV scoring we're now doing fantastic numbers on Men's Night.  Approximately 64% of our weekly lounge sales take place between 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm on a Wednesday."- David Looyen, Former GM, Brantford Golf & C C

"Can't wait to start again next year.  We're facing the best problem a club can have.  We may not have enough room on the tee sheet to satisfy the number of people who want to play!"  - Brenden Parsons, GM, Listowel Golf Club

"The guys loved it.  We put through 103 players last night (great for the first one) and we have 142 signed up.  On top of that, we sold 72 dinners last night which is unheard of for us!  I'm very excited about the possibilities."  - Rob Johnston, GM, Conestoga G & C C

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