Welcome to the Ladies League 2020 Season

May 29, 2020 | Posted by Le Portage Staff

Welcome to the Ladies' League 2020 Season

While COVID-19 Protocols are in place, the league will go ahead with the following modifications:

  1. League fees must be paid by phone ahead of pla.
  2. Players must not arrive at the clubhouse earlier than 15 minutes prior to their tee time.
  3. Players must leave immediately following their rounds.
  4. Scorecards are to be dropped in the plastic bin attached to the post by number 9 green.
  5. Their will be no meals at this time.


Get to know your team!

For 2020, the teams have been reasembled based on 2019 participation and performance. Players were ranked and placed on teams accordingly to make them as fair as possible. As always, it is essential for your team players to show up for as many league nights as possible as points are rewarded for participation. 

Get involved! 

Pick a team captain, name your team, and encourage team participation! 

$5 entry fee will be distributed as follows:             
$2.00 Towards Flighted Skins Game                    
$0.95 Towards Low Team                                    
$0.75 Towards Low Net 
$0.75 Towards Low Gross 
$0.55 Towards League Scoring

$5 50/50 optional (for all participants member or non member participating in league play)

Example Weekly Prizing Distribution For 20 players Total Pot $100
Skins $2.00 x 20 players = $40 skins pot
Low Team $0.95 x 20 players = $19 pot divided by the winning team with the lowest score made up of (2 gross scores and 4 net scores when possible)
Low Net $.075 x 20 = $15 
Low Gross $.75 x 20 = $15
League Scoring $0.55 x 20 = $11

If the closing Tournament and dinner are held it will be on Sunday, September 20th. The cost will be $25 minus $1 for every league night attended by the participant.

There are 16 weeks so make sure you come out and play!

Only league players can play in the closing tournament*.

(*If a league team is short a player or players and wishes to invite a non league player or players to fill the foursome they may do so. Green fees and meal cost will be charged and non league players will not be eligible for prizing. Non league players may however join in on the 50/50 draw if they choose to participate at a cost of $5)

Ladies' Night Policies and regulations

  • Bunkers are lift, rake and place optional.
  • While COVID-19 Protocols remain in effect, Bunkers are considered ground under repair optional.
  • If the course is deemed cart path only players may lift, clean and place their ball.
  • Score cards not handed in at end of night will not be counted in the scoring.
  • Retrogression is determined by the last 6 holes, last 3 holes and then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.

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July 6th, 2020



Low Gross

Evelyn Doyle



Low Net

Sandra Chiasson



Low Team

Low Goers




Denise Bourgeois




See you next week

Last Players Score Entered 6 days 6 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Brenda Deveau $79.13
2 Evelyn Doyle $37.25
3 Susan Chiasson $35.58
4 Sandra Chiasson $33.67
5 Denise Bourgeois $31.12
6 Aggie MacMillan $31.05
7 Evangeline Maillet $24.8
8 Adele Larade $22.86
9 Louise AuCoin $16.44
10 Anne Louise Deveau $15.98
11 Andrea Fraser $15.47
12 Donna AuCoin $14.55
13 Marthe LeFort $11.11
14 Nicole Poirier $10.45
15 Bessie LeLievre $9.82
16 Laurette LeBlanc $7.11
17 Georgie Gillis $5.22
T18 Regina Deveaux $3.32
T18 Yolande Chiasson $3.32
T18 Marie H Poirier $3.32
T18 Heather LeBlanc $3.32
T18 Bernice Chiasson $3.32
T23 Denise Poirier $0
T23 Carmel Lavigne $0
T23 Kayla Francoeur $0
T23 Claudia Deveau $0
T23 Celeste Deveau $0
T23 Darlene Boudreau $0
T23 Nancy AuCoin $0
Total Payout $418.21