Welcome to the Men's Day 2021 Season

Feb 10, 2021 | Posted by BP

League Details

important Dates:
• Deadline for Draft Eligible Players: April 15, 2021
• First Men’s Day: April 29, 2021
• Playoffs Start: August 19, 2021
• Last Men’s Day (Competition): September 23, 2021
• Men’s Day 2-Man Scramble/Dinner: September 30, 2021

$35 Entry Fee
$5 Weekly Fee
Full Year Price of $140 (includes 2 Free Weeks)

Sign-up is live for the Men's Day Program: http://www.listowelgolfclub.ca/the-club/leagues-programs/mens-day/

• You can play at any time throughout the day.  Your front nine will be your counting score.  At 3:30 a second tee opens for Men's night.  At which point you may play either nines, but again the first nine you play is the one that counts.
• Players 55 and over may play the White Tees, unless your 18 HOLE HANDICAP FACTOR IS 5.0 AND UNDER, then you must play the BLUE tees.
• Players with an 18-hole handicap of 16 and over may also play the White Tees (regardless of age)
• If you do not indicate you played the whites, your score WILL be entered on the Blues.
• All Scorecards need to be turned in IMMEDIATELY following your round.  It is your responsibility to check your score has been entered and entered correctly.  Mistakes do happen, so please let the Pro Shop know immediately.  After hours you may email corrections to info@listowelgolfclub.ca.  Final results are typically processed Friday mornings, however sometimes this is delayed due to events.
• Scoring is not final until the League Coordinator finalizes the results.
• Gimme's are acceptable and encouraged, however they must be reasonable (something in the 12" or less range is fine)
 DO NOT putt everything out - all you're doing is holding up play.
• Unless otherwise stated, Summer Rules apply.  This means ALL players must play the ball as it lies. Because some players get confused as to what this means, when you hit your tee shot, the next time you can legally pick up your ball is on the putting green after you mark it.  No fluffing, tipping, cheating, Houdini tricks, etc. This is a gentlemen's game built on honesty and integrity.  If that is an issue - this might not be the right league for you!
• Weekly Fee is $5.
• Your League 9 MUST BE YOUR FIRST NINE YOU PLAY ON THURSDAY.  If you are playing twice on the same day, you cannot choose to use your second round.

• To qualify for end of year money, you must have played 7 times or more throughout the season
• Pace of Play.  It is expected that you finish your nine in no more than 2 hours and 10 minutes.  There are a lot of guys trying to get in before dark so please keep moving.  Keep up to the group ahead of you.  If you can't see them YOU ARE THE PROBLEM GROUP.  Thursday afternoons are not the time to be fishing for golf balls with your trusty ball retriever.  #GETONWITHIT
• The majority of times on Thursdays are blocked for Men's Day players only
• To Book into the League Times, log-in to Tee-On.com and on the "Booking" page, select the date and then you should see the button "Book Into League" beside the "Submit" button.  If you don't see it, please contact the pro shop and we will make sure you are allowed access to those times.

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