Welcome to the The Gaggle of Ganders Men's League 2020 Season

Sep 22, 2020 | Posted by The Golf Professional Team

Finale Update

Evening Gentlemen,


The season has flown by and the finale is here.  Friendly reminder that all members who played this week for Team 2 & 8 will have until tomorrow night to spend the remaining credits. Please check scoring website for details. All left over credits will be kicked back to the finale prize table on Wednesday.


Finale Details

Date: Wednesday September 23rd

Format: Tee Times (same as all year long) please remember to book your own tee time

Food: Half way house will be serving year end closing dinner and drink that is included in your registration fee

Prizes: 8:15 pm prize presentation on the patio (over $5000  prize table)


We will also be running our year end bursary that evening and drawing out 2 foursomes as prizes specifically to the Men’s League!

This is a Cash only bursary not sanctioned by Nobleton Lakes.  Your support is appreciated towards our golf team and outside crew that have helped make Men’s League a success.

For any new league members please feel free to reach out if an explanation is needed.



This week’s results below:

Low Gross

 Anthony Sanguini Score 35  


Low Net

  Sam Panetta  -Score 27


Weekly Team Portion – The weekly race was as tight as it has been all year, with the top of the class of the season closing out the season strong. Team 2 and Team 8 tied for first.


Year Long Race -  For the second straight season the year end title was decided by only 1 point (1 stroke) this is absolutely incredible. What a exciting race and well done to Team 7 for their second place finish and Team 8 who was only 5 points back. Shoutout to Team 6 who finished with the best record of the season at 13-4-1 but their piss poor attendance cost them a chance at the title.  Congrats to Team 2 for their victory and winning the cash.


Sponsors- Shoutout to all the sponsors who make the league what it is!!!


Looking forward to a great closing to an interesting season.


The Golf Professional Team @Nobleton Lakes

Sep 3, 2020 | Posted by The Golf Professional Team

Aug 26th Update

Good afternoon Gentleman,


The time is here gentlemen, no more talking about the stretch run, it is now upon us.


Check out our Instagram video, this Tuesday, on the Nobleton Lakes page for this week’s draw prizes. This week’s individual winners are as follows:


Low Gross

 Michael Bontje Score 39 – He pulled off the turkey, come on fellas let’s de throne the Gross champ.


Low Net

  Ken Orr-Score 30 – The old veteran can still find It every once and a while.


Weekly Team Portion – The weekly race was tight this week with 4 teams within 4 shots, with a little help from their senior leadership 😊 Team 1 took down 1st place with Team 12 falling 2 strokes short in 2nd place, with no help from Captain Ritson. Team 12 rode their horses to grab their 2nd place finish this week.


Year Long Race -  We are in a race now gentlemen, with 4 teams within 20 points of the lead with 4 weeks to go, this is anyone’s title with some big match’s lying ahead.


Weekly Match-Up’s – There are some big matchup’s this week, these are all must wins for the teams below if they look to keep their title hopes alive.


Team 8 vs Team 10 -These 2 teams have relied strongly on attendance all season long and it will be interesting to see who can perform when the going get’s tough. With 2 young captains in Denton and Marchildon the season is on the line for both of these squads.

Betting Line – Team 8 on the Money Line - 110


Team 7 vs Team 11 - This match up is a big rivalry with Captain Lowe and Captain Kassam facing off in years past. There is no love loss here and both will do whatever takes to win.  Team 7 came out of the gate hot this season and has now cooled off, they have been hanging on for weeks now and need to rekindle that early season magic to make a late run. Captain Lowe and team maintenance absolutely has to have this one.

Betting Line – Team 11 on the Money Line for great value +130 – Captain Kassam has found his game at the right time and his horse Bryce Clark has been on fire all year.


Team 6 vs Team 12 – Nobleton Pro’s continue to have a terrible league season and should probably see Club Pro guy to figure out how to play in a league. Team 6’s season is on life support this week and they will need to run the table to have any chance. ATTENDANCE HAS BEEN AN ISSUE for team 6 (lowest in the league) .Captain Ritson and Team 12 are 5-1 in there last 6, they are as hot as any team in the league and will look to continue before another big matchup next week vs Team 8.

Betting Line – Team 12 – Take the hot team and give up the juice on it -160 on the Money line.


CALLWAY GOLF SET PACKAGE RAFFLE – From now until the end of SEPTEMBER we are raffling off a set of Callaway Clubs with Driver and Bag (Partial Proceeds to Junior Golf)

Tickets are $10.00 each in our shop




The Golf Professional Team @Nobleton Lakes

Aug 2, 2020 | Posted by Nobleton Lakes

Week 11 Update

Morning Gentlemen,


We hope you are staying dry as this storm hammers Sothern Ontario this morning.


Just a Reminder that you guys MUST wear your mask to check in and thanks for your cooperation as most of you had masks on last week.  


Live Scoring will continue this week and we look forward to seeing more of you after your round.


Check out our Instagram video, this Tuesday, on the Nobleton Lakes page for this week’s draw prizes. This week’s individual winners are as follows:


Low Gross

Brad Stronach   Score 38


Low Net

Jim Greenshields  Score 28


Weekly Team Portion

Team 12 took down the cake this week with a season low score of 215, they will look to stay hot as they continue to vault up the standings. Team 6 is rolling now and finished second in the money this week.


Year Long Race 

The year long race continues to stay tight, as Team 8 is an hair ahead of Team 2 and Team 7. Shaping up nicely for the stretch run as 6 teams are still within striking distance to win the cup.



Week 11 Updates


Featured Matchups


Team 6 vs Team 7 – This matchup will tell the tale for these teams as to who can make a run for the cup.


The rest of the teams are just picking up the scraps,



The Golf Professional Team @Nobleton Lakes

Jul 30, 2020 | Posted by Nobleton Lakes

Week 10 Update

Afternoon Gentlemen,


We are in the dog days of summer now and over half way through the season with only 8 weeks left.


Just a Reminder that you guys MUST wear your mask to check in!  Last week you got a pass this week you will need a mask to enter the clubhouse and pay, we will not be coming outside this week.  


Live Scoring Starts this week so come in for a beverage inside or on the Patio and watch your team Win or lose!   Which means Mens league is officially on Wednesday nights again!  So remember to book your tee time asap for Wednesday nights


Check out our Instagram video, this Tuesday, on the Nobleton Lakes page for this week’s draw prizes. This week’s individual winners are as follows:


Low Gross

Anthony Sanguini   Score 38


Low Net

Jim Pietrangelo  Score 31


Weekly Team Portion

Team 2 continues to roll as they took home top spot on the team portion again. Team 6 and 10 battled it out to a tied for second this week at a score of 225 just 2 strokes behind a hot Team 2.  Congrats to Team 5 for getting their first Win of the season, moving their record to an honest 1-9. Well done Team 5 keep grinding.


Year Long Race 

The year long race is getting tight at the top as we have 3 teams (8,7,2 – sounds like a sweet tractor this week for the horse race game J ) just separated by 2 points. There are many teams left as we have 7 teams within 20 points of the lead making all these teams only 1 week away from moving towards the top of the race for the trophy. (check out the new trophy in the shop)



Week 10 Updates


Featured Matchups


Team 10 vs Team 12 – This matchup is put up or shut up for these 2 teams as the loser of this will fall too far behind to make a late season run. Now is the time for both of these teams.


There is a lot of David vs Goliath this week in the weekly matchup’s. Team 4 looks to keep a now cold Team 7 (lost 2 in a row now) in the freezer. Team 3 will look to knock off the big dawg in Team 8 this week. With newly ordered irons Captain Heft will look to lead his squad to a monster upset in week 10.


Checkout your weekly Men’s League podcast below!




The Golf Professional Team @Nobleton Lakes

Week 7 Update

Jul 5, 2020 | Posted by The Shop Gals

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Week 7

Jul 5, 2020 | Posted by The Shop Gals

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Week 5 Updates

Jun 21, 2020 | Posted by The Golf Professional Team

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Week 4 Update

Jun 21, 2020 | Posted by The Golf Professional Team

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Week 2 Update

Jun 6, 2020 | Posted by Nobleton Lakes

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Week 1 Summary

May 30, 2020 | Posted by The Golf Professional Team

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This Week's Hi-Lights...



  Low Gross


"I do own a golf shirt"


Score 35


Low Net

Sam  "Dry Cleaner" Panetta

Score 27



Check Instragram 




TEAM 8- $30


TEAM 2- $28



The Gaggle of Ganders Men's League Sponsors:

League Sponsor

Kars Automotive

Hub International

Orr & Associates

Wilson Golf

Rocky River Construction

Boston Pizza

Concept Storage

Merit Travel

Jeff Boxer

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
T1 Michael Bontje $184
T1 Kamar Kuyumju $184
T1 Rudolf Van Otterdyk $184
T1 Brian Maloney $184
T1 William Dunne $184
T1 Jim Broomfield $184
T1 Rick Steenhoek $184
T1 Stephen Poole $184
T9 Bill Carlyle $166
T9 Frank Sartor $166
T9 Luca Mattucci $166
T9 Bob Carisse $166
T9 Sam Panetta $166
T9 Max Denton $166
T9 Marty Walsh $166
T16 Kevin Ritson $154
T16 Jerry MacBain $154
T16 Paul Bagshaw $154
T16 Rick Zuzek $154
T16 Ray Martin $154
T16 David Ferrone $154
T16 Paul Duerden $154
T16 Domenic Luisi $154
24 John Green $148
25 Brad Stronach $136
T26 Perry DelFavero $132
T26 Gino DiFebo $132
T26 Spyros Karellas $132
T26 Tony Giordano $132
T26 Jeffrey Cope $132
31 Doug McClure $128
T32 Rob Gutray $123
T32 Ron Boudreau $123
34 Colin Rutledge $120
T35 Fred Mauti $119
T35 Brandon Kyte $119
T35 Tory Termini $119
T35 Larry Sheardown $119
T35 Harold Zaplacinksi $119
T35 Orazio DeCiantis $119
T35 Karl Davis $119
42 Scott Macmurchy $117
43 Jordan Hardwick $103
44 Dave Creighton $102
T45 Steve Walsh $95
T45 Dan Steenhoek $95
T47 Jason Bindi $90
T47 Aaron Lowe $90
T47 Michael Baker $90
T47 Paul Edwards $90
T47 Jayson Rider $90
T47 George Jeffries $90
T47 Brad Meyers $90
T47 Charlie Wilson $90
T47 Stan Wos $90
56 Nick Silvestrone $89
T57 Robert Birks $86
T57 Jim Pietrangelo $86
T57 Ross Boynton $86
T60 Ryan Menchella $85
T60 Wayne Rhind $85
T60 Bernard Kyte $85
T60 Gary McCreight $85
T60 Ken Orr $85
T60 Cody Blight $85
66 Dino Bossio $81
T67 Brian Tait $66
T67 Roy Mancini $66
T69 Sandro Decola $65
T69 Gaetano Strazzeri $65
T69 Peter Roell $65
T72 Michael Lepp $64
T72 Miguel Mendes $64
T72 Sagar Gadhia $64
T72 Robert Lepp $64
76 Brent Askin $58
T77 David Alves $57
T77 Rico Tarachi $57
T77 Tommi Suomela $57
T77 Louis Frustaglio $57
T77 Jeff Ellis $57
T77 John Bush $57
T77 Joe Zappia $57
T77 Eddie Silva $57
T77 Brad Weir $57
T77 Bob Belcher $57
T77 Tom Ritson $57
T88 Jordan Alnadi $56
T88 Glenn Wood $56
T88 Scott Vickers $56
T88 Rick Ford $56
T88 Paul Marsham $56
T88 Anthony Sanguigni $56
T88 Mason Marchildon $56
T88 Frank Piacentini $56
T88 Rick Hayles $56
T88 Earl Groombridge $56
T88 Mike Gauci $56
T88 William Boyd $56
T88 Richard Turchinetz $56
T88 Fabrizio Riccardelli $56
T88 Rory DalBarco $56
T88 Tony Primavera $56
T88 Ennio Rinaldi $56
T88 Bryce Clark $56
T88 John Mizzoni $56
T88 Brandon Oukes $56
T88 Rico Mattucci $56
T88 John Pereira $56
T88 Lorenzo Cerilli $56
111 Ron McCormack $55
T112 Clement Chen $43
T112 Chris Pereira $43
T112 Rick Spence $43
T112 Dink Brown $43
T112 Paul Bayliss $43
T112 Greg Williams $43
T112 Gary Giacomin $43
T112 James Allen $43
T112 Chad Patrick $43
T112 Paul Angelopoulos $43
T112 Jack Cusimano $43
T112 Peter Greco $43
124 Sammy Kimani $38
125 Paul Colucci $35
126 Nathan Oukes $34
T127 Brad Mott $33
T127 Paul Bhatia $33
T127 Vareel Khatri $33
T127 Peter Bracken $33
T127 Frank Cianfrini $33
T127 Chuck Doyle $33
T127 Robert Rigobon $33
T127 Jeff Ranson $33
T127 Steve Nordstrom $33
T127 Stephen Heft $33
T127 Arvydas Smailys $33
T127 Corrie Oukes $33
T127 Paul Nicodemo $33
T127 Domenic Macera $33
T127 Anthony Ferlisi $33
T127 Charles Pringle $33
T143 Michael Jong $32
T143 John Turner $32
T145 John Colantonio $31
T145 Jim Greenshields $31
T145 Paul Vanderkraan $31
T145 Tony Martino $31
T149 Peter Kamstra $30
T149 David Boyd $30
T149 Neil Boynton $30
T149 Ted McNab $30
T153 David Street $27
T153 John Gibb $27
T153 Jeff Holmes $27
T153 Kevin Scott $27
T157 Jim "King Automotive" Kassam $25
T157 Jack Cossarini $25
T157 Andrew Sikorski $25
160 Chris Zuzek $24
T161 Barry Trebell $20
T161 Chad Oakley $20
T161 Anthony Farr $20
T164 Scott Feaver $19
T164 Harold Reinthaler $19
T164 Larry Santos $19
167 Kyle Jones $11
Total Payout $12802