Welcome to the Men's League 2020 Season

Week 1 Recap

May 28, 2020 | Posted by Stephen O'Connor

Hope everyone enjoyed the first round of our scored mens league and also enjoyed that awesome meal prepared by Chef Andrew and his staff. 

I mentioned to most of you last night but we offer a weekly BBQ menu like the one offered last night. The specials vary each week and can be found on our website at; http://pipersheath.com/the-weekly/. The ordering instructions as well as pick up times can all be found on the link provided.

As for the scoring last night we had a great turnout resulting in a lot of "useless bastards" (for the new guys, if you dont fall in the top 7 on your team in terms of scoring you fall into that category) we have had some good laughs in the past over the category. But with that being said I appreciate the attendance last night as it helped make the food takeaway a very successful night.

WE ARE SCHEDULED  EVERY WEDNESDAY until the end of August. 


See you all next Wednesday!




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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Team 4


Team 3

Low Gross

Gross Flight : Handicap Range +3 to 9


David Long


Danny Latincic


Charles Hitchen

Murray Gamble

Steve Spear

John Hetherington

Brad Walcot

Gross Flight : Handicap Range 10 to 25


Daniel Cheriyan

Marc Gruehl

Paul Ceccomancini

Low Net


Daniel Cheriyan


Paul Ceccomancini


Colin Arthur

Men's League Sponsors:



Thank you to our Sponsor; Cobra Golf

Thank you Tour Performance Golf Academy

Thank you to our Hole in One Sponsor!

Thank you to our Sporsor; Titleist

Thank you to Wilson Golf

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Alex Oliveira $81.6
T2 Andy Mitchell $40.8
T2 Wayne Delfino $40.8
T2 Robert Sansone $40.8
T5 Mario Bavaro $0
T5 Gagi Bedi $0
T5 Tyler Brown $0
T5 Mark Bruyea $0
T5 Don Campbell $0
T5 Scott Cascagnette $0
T5 Bruce Creighton $0
T5 Stephen Casey $0
T5 Paul Ceccomancini $0
T5 Mike Chafe $0
T5 Graham Chalmers $0
T5 Aeon Charles $0
T5 Daniel Cheriyan $0
T5 Murray Clark $0
T5 Collie Clifford $0
T5 Chris Clinning $0
T5 William Mackenzie $0
T5 Scott Cook $0
T5 John Carlo Manteiga $0
T5 Val Mancini $0
T5 Steve Spear $0
T5 Mike Ride $0
T5 Don Rielly $0
T5 Rob Sanders $0
T5 Dave Sanford $0
T5 Paul Scapicchio $0
T5 Rod Schaaf $0
T5 Robert Scherer $0
T5 Randy Smith $0
T5 Gabe Sousa $0
T5 John Starr $0
T5 Fred Rang $0
T5 David Stockwell $0
T5 Dan Stothers $0
T5 Michael Turnbull $0
T5 Jim Tyrell $0
T5 Rudy Van Den Ende $0
T5 Matt Vanstone $0
T5 Brad Walcot $0
T5 Chris Watters $0
T5 Carl Young $0
T5 Nick Zincone $0
T5 John Richardson $0
T5 Bob Randall $0
T5 Rudra Rishy Mararja $0
T5 Joseph Nardi $0
T5 Serge Marchuk $0
T5 Gery Markie $0
T5 Chris Marpel $0
T5 Tom Marsala $0
T5 Murray Martin $0
T5 Peter Martin $0
T5 Nelson Martins $0
T5 John El Masarani $0
T5 Andrew Mayhew $0
T5 Sean Mcnamee $0
T5 Brian O'Connor $0
T5 Jeff Powell $0
T5 Garry O'Donnell $0
T5 Douglas Ogilvie $0
T5 Dennis Oliveira $0
T5 George Oliveira $0
T5 Mark Parker $0
T5 Douglas Peacock $0
T5 Luis Pereira $0
T5 Jamie Pimentel $0
T5 Dominic Pizzimenti $0
T5 Eric Post $0
T5 John Agiola $0
T5 Marc Gruehl $0
T5 Greg Duncan $0
T5 Eric Dupuis $0
T5 Bob Edmonds $0
T5 Chris Evans $0
T5 Maxwell Farley $0
T5 Come' Fournier $0
T5 Murray Gamble $0
T5 Lio Grande $0
T5 Garard Gregoire $0
T5 Russell Gunner $0
T5 Alvaro Di Blasio $0
T5 Laurence Henderson $0
T5 John Hetherington $0
T5 Charles Hitchen $0
T5 Jeff Howarth $0
T5 Norm Hrapchak $0
T5 James Hudakoc $0
T5 Danny Latincic $0
T5 Chester Lew $0
T5 David Long $0
T5 Tony Long $0
T5 Peter Di Scola $0
T5 Domenic Currado $0
T5 Bruce Allworth $0
T5 Nick Carvalho $0
T5 Colin Arthur $0
T5 Craig Andrews $0
T5 Elder Arujo $0
T5 Bert Barkley $0
T5 Kasey Bartusevicius $0
Total Payout $204