Welcome to the Thursday Stag Night 2018 Season

Aug 28, 2018 | Posted by Doug Grant

Playoffs?!? You Talkin' Bout Playoffs?!?!

You heard the man... It's time to grow your beards cause we're headin’ to the Post Season!  How does it all work, you ask?  This nifty Q & A that should explain it perfectly;

League Playoffs  -  Q & A

Q: What is the format?

A: Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week. The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams Points have been reshuffled to make it that each team will be in contention


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

A: As follows;

1st:  40 pts

2nd: 36 pts

3rd:  32 pts

4th:  28 pts

5th:  24 pts

6th:  20 pts

7th:  16 pts

8th:  12 pts

9th:   8 pts

10th: 4 pts

IMPORTANT: The points will increase for each week of the playoffs


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely! Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above.


Q: What does it all mean, man?

A: The team in 1st place at the conclusion of the Playoffs will be our League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot... besides a team trip in a limo bus to a top tier course in Ontario on a date to be announced!


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for four weeks, starting on August 30th and finishing on September 20th


That is all,



May 10, 2018 | Posted by Doug Grant

The Origin of Stag Night

     In ancient Rome, conquering heroes returned from wars throughout the empire bathed in glory and the adulation of the citizens. Soon after however, the reality of daily life returned and Centurions and Legionaries alike pined for the camaraderie they shared while out on campaign. Instead of the company of fellow soldiers, they were forced to deal with the wrath of disgruntled wives, consorts and/or concubines who grew embittered by being left behind during the campaigns.

Familiar laments such as:

“Listen Centurion, I don't give a merda that you’re some kind of conqueror, you're taking me to see the crucifixions tonight!”

“Our servants are useless! And don’t get me started about those eunuchs!

     So, as a method of dealing with their plight, a number of soldiers decided to get together once a week at the local Palaestra and challenge each other in noble pursuits such as wrestling, races and what appears to be an early version of dodge ball.

     Replete with copious amounts of food, wine and grog, it soon became more a social occasion and was named “Noctis Stag”, roughly translated as “Stag Night”.  Thus began a fine traditional that's been passed down over the last 2000 years and is now honoured here at the club every league day during the summer.

     Not surprisingly, we’ve dispensed with the more physically challenging portion of the competition but I assure you that the chance to bond with fellow members and escape the rigours of daily life is still very much alive. You won’t be expected to grapple with any fellow members (unless he’s a Habs fan or the bastard refuses to putt everything out) but instead, enjoy a golf game followed by delicious fare and cold libations in the bar.

     Things are underway so bring your "A" game and plan to stick around afterwards for a little grog while we watch the scores come in.   Should be a great year. 


That is all,



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Ryan Schooley

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Jarrod Buckner

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