Welcome to the Men's League 2020 Season

Jun 4, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Layte

Fusco lights it up!



Low gross went to Derek Taylor who had two birdies and two bogeys to fire an even par round of 36.

Low net went to assistant superintendent Max Fusco who credits the new slushy machine to his 37 net 29 last night. Last week Max  had a very poor performance with a nine-hole score of 49. Mr. positive did not let that bug him picking up a skin on Hole #6 and adding another birdy on Hole #8.


Team #15 took home the win last night team members include, Seegar, Fusco, MacIntyre and Gorzny.


Yesterday was a great weather day for golf. Thanks so much for your compliance with the pace of play. I know myself and Tyler enjoyed a round close to the 3 hour and a half mark. This is a reminder to fix your divots when playing this morning we did find several ball marks on the 5th and 9th hole. When a ball mark is properly repaired, it only takes 2 days for the grass to heal. When you don't repair the mark or do it improperly, it takes 28 days to heal.


A reminder we do now have one spare in the league if your team does not have three players for participation his score can be used.




Gross Flight +3-3

Skin Value $20.00

Chris Hicks Hole #3

Devin Humphrey Hole #8 (great putt!)


Gross Flight 4-6

Skin Value $7.67

Mark Bondy Hole #8

David Duke Hole #3

Charlie Gray Hole #9

Jared Lejeune Hole #1 (Great Birdy!)

Roger Perron Hole #6

Mike Weir Hole #2


Net Flight 7-25

Skin Value $19.00

Max Fusco Hole #6

Arthur Phillips Jr. Hole #3

Mathew Ponic Hole #9


For further information on standings and individual scores please click the link below.





Warm regards,

Jun 2, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Layte

Week #2 in the books!

That is a wrap with week #2 in the books!


Tim Worley led the way with a net 31 gross 40 to take low net honors while Brian Bracken, Chris Hicks and Mike Giroux all fired 37’s to tie for low gross.



Gross +3-3 Division

Skin Value $11.50

Bill Bailey Hole #16

Mike Giroux Hole #15

Justin St. Pierre Hole #14

Derek Taylor Hole #10


Gross Flight 4-6 Division

Skin Value $12.67

Scott Chauvin #17

Charlie Chauvin#13

Dylan Margerison #12


Net Flight 7 to 25

Skin Value $24.00

Jeff Danyluk Hole # 12

Tom Dupuis Hole #15

Nick Levy Hole #13


How are your handicaps calculated??

I’ve used Bill Bailey’s handicap as an example below. You can see golf scoring uses the  best 4 of last 6 rounds played.

Handicaps off the front 9 and back 9 might be different as well as the tees you play.

Last 6 League Scores








Artificial Score 1



Artificial Score 2



Artificial Score 3



Artificial Score 4



May 27, 2020







May 20, 2020







 The League Rating is set at Par for the default tee. The League Rating is higher for more difficult tees and lower for easier tees.
 Difficulty Acceleration Rate represents how much more difficult the course plays as handicaps increase.
   Your League DAR is set at 100 for the default tee. The DAR is higher for more difficult tees and lower for easier tees.
* Over Par (Adjusted) = (Gross Score - League Rating of Tee Played) x (100 / DAR of Tee Played)

League Handicap Calculation

League handicaps are calculated using a player's 4 BEST league scores out of their last 6 league scores.

  • 4 Lowest League Over Par (including artificial scores): 2.0, 2.0, 2.0, 2.0
  • 4 Lowest League Over Par Added Together : 2.0 + 2.0 + 2.0 + 2.0 = 8
  • Divide by 4 = 2.00

Bill Bailey's Current League Handicap Index is 2


Formula to Determine Bill Bailey's League Handicap For Each Set of Tees...

  • Index: 2
  • Index * DAR of Tee Used / 100 + (League Rating of Tee Used - League Rating of Default Tee) = League Handicap (Rounded to a Whole Number)






Blended Front



2 x 94.6 / 100 + (34.9 - 36.0)


Blended Back



2 x 97.3 / 100 + (34.7 - 36.0)


Red Front



2 x 90.1 / 100 + (33.9 - 36.0)


Red Back



2 x 91.0 / 100 + (33.6 - 36.0)


White Front



2 x 100.0 / 100 + (36 - 36.0)


White Back



2 x 104.5 / 100 + (35.4 - 36.0)



Note: golfscoring.net league handicaps are for golfscoring.net leagues only and are not valid for any other competition.



See you all tomorrow. Lets hope for no rain...


Happy golfing,


Kevin Layte

May 16, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Layte

Men's League Season Update


     I just wanted to introduce myself as the new Head Golf Professional at Rochester Place Golf Club. I'm looking forward to the season and meeting everyone. 

     If you have not paid for your league fees / league registration or skins please do so by clicking on this link; https://rochesterplace.com/golf/league-registration/

     The next few Wednesdays, the staff at the podium will have the registration if you aren't able to complete it online.  We're asking you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your time and that you please limit the number of people in the Golf Shop to one person at a time.  Please note that if your registration is filled out or has already been processed we will be doing a virtual check in with the staff member at the podium.

     Below are our Covid-19 rules while at the club as well as an update on the Men’s League. 

Rochester Place PHASE 1 COVID Plan

     We have implemented the following measures to ensure your well-being as well as that of our front-line staff;

Arrival/ Prior Arrival

     Reminder signage covering proper social distancing will be placed at the Proshop, Red Tree Turn, 1st Tee and outside our main entrance.  Proper handwashing and sanitizing posters have been placed in all washrooms, and sanitization areas.

     Golfers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their tee time. Express check-in on the first tee is available for those who have paid online for their daily green fee, those who have memberships, and league members.  Memberx, league members or those who have pre-paid a daily green fee should head straight to the first tee. Email confirmations will be sent to those league members after the Pro Shop staff virtually checks them in.

     Golfers will be greeted outside of the Pro Shop by a staff member reminding them of social distancing measures and safety protocols.  Golfers will be asked to leave if they do not appear to be following the safety protocols.

*  No cash transactions permitted.

*  Golfers can bring golf clubs to the bag drop station, or to the assigned golf cart as directed.  Golf carts will not be permitted in the parking lot for any reason.

*  Our washrooms in the clubhouse will be open but we won’t have anything available on course, one person at a time in each washroom.

*  All golf carts will be near the putting green and will be assigned to you. One player per cart.

*  You must have a tee time to play as no walk-ins will be allowed.

*  It is suggested that all golfers bring a bottle of water and hand sanitizer with them for their use during their round.

*  Outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited as this would be in violation of our liquor license.

*  Congregating anywhere after your round is prohibited.

*  Please return your golf cart to the assigned washing station (near cart corral) and remove garbage from the cart.

During Your Round

*  All scorecards and league scorecards are in a box with pencils prewrapped with zip locked bags including all league cards and available only upon request.

*  Flags will be removed from the practice putting green and a maximum of 5 people allowed on the surface at a time with predetermined practice areas marked out.

*  Holes have safe touchless cups to allow your ball to be holed without any contamination taking place. Pins are always to remain stationary.

*  Ball washing machines, rakes, divot repair boxes and garbage cans have all been removed.

*  All leagues will be taking place, but the clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.

*  Tee time intervals are 12 minutes apart.

*  Preferred lies are permitted in the bunker. (Members) 

*  League Members may remove the ball clean it  and drop the ball  outside the bunker no closer to the hole. This will save time trying to smooth the sand with your feet or club.

*  In the event of a Lightnight Alert, all players on the course MUST proceed to their vehicles as promptly as possible.

*  Remain 6 feet apart from all players always and a reminder to not shake hands post round.

Pro Shop

*  Pro Shop is open. One person allowed in at a time. We won’t be accepting cash.

*  One person in a cart at a time unless from the same household. Please bring ID to verify.

*  There are hand-sanitizer stations in the outside the prop-shop, inside the pro shop, at Red Tree Turn and on course at 1st tee.

*  We will be supplying pull carts but it's recommend you bring your own.

*  Golf carts and pull carts will be cleaned after every use with Covid-19 approved sanitizer.

*  No rental equipment will be available.

*  Golf shop can be viewed for purchasing virtually or in a one-person-at-a-time process with curbside pickup available.  Staff will show items but limit customer touches on retail items as much as possible.   

*  No league cards will be handed out this season as you will receive an email after using each round on your card.

Red Tree Food and Beverage Open 9 AM - 8 PM

*  There are predetermined line up areas for both the Proshop as well as Red Tree, please follow the proper 6ft/2m separation.

*  Beverages will only be available at Red Tree along with a daily meal. These meals will be available for curbside pickup to the public as well.

*  The patio will not be available.

*  There won’t be having a beverage cart on the course.

*  There are predetermined line up areas at Red Tree.  Please adhere to the 6ft/2m separation.

*  All food preparation stations are disinfected every 30 minutes.

*  Gloves and masks will be worn by all staff interacting with food items.

*  Food deliveries are sanitized in a pre-inspection area and taken out of packaging upon arrival.

*  All food items are coming from Canadian companies and not being imported.

*  No cash transactions.


*  Staff will be wearing proper PPE in the form of gloves and masks.

*  Please respect the 6ft/2m rule when interacting with them.

*  Staff will be assigned their own workstations, phone throughout a shift.  They will be responsible to clean beginning, throughout and at end of shift.

*  Plexi-guards will be installed at service counters for further protection.

*  Staff will be trained on proper hand sanitization/washing and proper cleaning product use.

*  Staff will be educated on the symptoms of COVID-19.

Online Payments

A reminder that all league vouchers and league entry fees can be purchased at the website below:


League Fees: $70

League Skins $30

We will not be having a closest to the pin contest this year.



League Website & Rules

* This league website - http://www1.golfscoring.net/rochesterplace - is your home for all your league scoring and updates!!!

* Scores and handicapping has been taken over by Rochester Place Pro Shop instead of the committee.


*  Your league handicap will be based on your best 4 league scores out of your last 7 league rounds. You can view you handicap online by clicking on your name.

*  A team score will be determined by the total of the 3 lowest net scores posted by the members of each team.  Teams will earn points each based on where they finish relative to the field. The team that finishes with the lowest team total will earn 26 pts, the team that finishes with the second lowest team total will earn 24 pts, on down to the last place team who will earn 2 pts.  

*  Supporting your team is important.  Teams receive 1 additional point for each player on the team who posts a score.  One point per player to a maximum of 5. You can still earn points for your team even if you didn’t play well.

*  Teams that only have two players show up will be given a score of net 38.

*  Each team will be comprised of five (5) players..

*  All prior league members will start off with their handicaps from last year.  Rookies are asked to send me an Email with a rough 9 hole score.

* All play ahead and banked cards must be signed by your and a staff member.

Tee Selection

*  Everyone up to and including the age of 65 will play from the White tees.

*  Members aged 66 - 75 tee will play from the Blended tees (A combination of White and Red tees).

*  Those aged 76 or older will play from the Red tees.

*  It's very important that you indicate on the scorecard which tee you played from because the scoring system will factor in the rating/slope when determining your league handicap for each round.  


*  League Members may remove the ball, clean it and drop the ball outside the bunker no closer to the hole.  This will save time trying to smooth the sand with your feet or club.


*  There will be no draft this year.  The committee will assign members to a team.


*  There will be a flighted weekly skins game.  Players will be re-flighted as their league handicap changes throughout the season.  


*  All league rookies should advise the committee of there current handicap or approximate 9-hole score.

* Rookies can’t be in skins the first three weeks as they will need to formulate an official league handicap.  The committee reserves the right to adjust league handicaps up to and including the third week of league play. 

Scorecard Box

* All league cards are pre-packaged and are available at the podium and in the proshop. DO NOT USE a Rochester place scorecard.

*  Please print your first and last name on the league card.

*  Once you have completed your round please place your scorecard into the league box outside of the Pro Shop.

*  If you have decided to play ahead please that on your scorecard so a staff member can log it with the date played.

*  It's important to note we will be extending our first week of play to May 26th to allow golfers to get there first round in. 

*  If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I will be sending an email out every Thursday throughout the season to recap the previous weeks play.

*  At this time we will not be having the blue binder to view results from past weeks.


     Looking forward to a great year!  As always thanks to our committee members, Roger Langlois, Ed Derdaele, Charlie Chauvin, Jim Saby, Gary Thomas and Bill Bailey.


Warmest regards,



Feb 25, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Layte

2020 Men's League

     Welcome to the NEW Rochester Place Men's League Website!  We are excited to announce we’ll be using a new online scoring system specifically designed for our league.  Thanks to this unique web based program players can track their individual and team performance, and we now have the ability to display live scoring on the club TV's!


     Each team will consist of five (5) players.  A team score will be determined by the total of the three (3) lowest net scores posted by the team. 

     The format is similar to the FedEx Cup.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week; 1st: 26 pts, 2nd: 25 pts, 3rd: 24 pts on down to 26th place which will get you 1 pt.

IMPORTANT: The league will be capped at 130 players so please be sure to get your name in early.

     One of the hi-lights of the program is the actual real-time scoring.  As the staff enter the scores, the standings, individual performances (good/bad), team information, skins and a bunch of other cool stuff is updated in real-time online.  Another bonus is the program actually maintains a separate league handicap so you know it will be fair for everyone.  Handicaps are automatically updated and applied based solely on your league scores.  That, my friends, is pretty good.

     Questions?  Comments?  We'd love to hear from you.  Please send me an email (kevin@rochesterplace.com).  This has the potential to be a lot of fun so please, let's spread the good word and get as many people everyone on board this season as possible. 


That is all,


Kevin Layte

Men's League Sponsors:

Triple Bogey


League Play Starts Wednesday May 20th

Last Players Score Entered 1 day 21 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Brian Ghanam $38
T2 Jim Saby $18
T2 David Duke $18
T2 Clinton Smit $18
T5 Rob Pursel $16
T5 Paul Bondy $16
T7 Dan Gragtmans $0
T7 John Fedory $0
T7 Brandon Freele $0
T7 Todd Gendreau $0
T7 Brad Goulding $0
T7 Chris Hicks $0
T7 Charlie Gray $0
T7 Daniel Gray $0
T7 Ronald Dowhan $0
T7 Devin Humphrey $0
T7 Jeremy Koning $0
T7 Tom Dupuis $0
T7 Scott Chauvin $0
T7 Ed Derdaele $0
T7 Jason Comartin $0
T7 Roger Langlois $0
T7 Charlie Chauvin $0
T7 Mark Breault $0
T7 Mark Bondy $0
T7 Leo Benedet $0
T7 Dave Bellemore $0
T7 Grant Belanger $0
T7 Dennis Bedard $0
T7 Kenneth Barrette $0
T7 Bill Bailey $0
T7 Bryce Bachynski $0
T7 Dave Kraus $0
T7 Nick Levy $0
T7 Dan Laporte $0
T7 Glen Seegar $0
T7 Jason Zimmey $0
T7 Corey Wilson $0
T7 Mike Weir $0
T7 Mat Walsh $0
T7 Don Vaux $0
T7 Art Van Dendriessche $0
T7 Derek Taylor $0
T7 Shawn Straub $0
T7 Matt Stahlbrand $0
T7 Rick St. Pierre $0
T7 Nathan Snively $0
T7 Michael Santarossa $0
T7 Jared Lejeune $0
T7 Jeff Santarossa $0
T7 Shawn Rastin $0
T7 Mathew Ponic $0
T7 Arthur Phillips $0
T7 Roger Perron $0
T7 Connor Paterson $0
T7 Eric Noel $0
T7 Bryan Myers $0
T7 Lee McDonald $0
T7 Mark McCabe $0
T7 Justin Matton $0
T7 George Matton $0
T7 Adam Armstrong $0
Total Payout $124