Welcome to the Men's Night 2020 Season

Jul 9, 2020 | Posted by Club Pro Guy

Men's Night Money Sale

There's quite a bit of money accumulating. Take advantage of the Crocus sale through Sunday night!

25% off shoes and clubs, 15% off bags and 10% off apparel. Ask the pro shop for your balance fire me an email. I know there's a lot of guys missing emails in our men's night. 


All the deuces were sawed off last night so the pot will continue to roll up to $706 for next week. 

Jul 2, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

Points and Prizes

We had an extremely busy day and managed to sneak out around 50 league players. The year to date COOP points totals are now posted in the pro shop on the bulletin board. 

The merch prizes are still listed at the main counter. I would suggest taking a look at your balance or buddies balance as we approach a sale next weekend for the crocus. If you're using the site, it's top 6 net and ties each week winning shop credit. 

TEE DRAW DEUCES - Richie Lee deuced #9 alone and Todd Gallant #13. They will draw tees prior to next week.


That is all,



Posted by: Dru | Jul 2, 2020 04:40 PM

We had a couple cards turn up after - so the standings should be updated now on the site.

Jun 25, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

Deuces Wild

First off, Here is the link to the winners of each flight this week; https://www.golfscoring.net/weyburn/tour/2020/medalscoreboard/2020-06-24

Lightning struck twice on Wednesday night, 1st in the Souris right of 17. The second time was more painful for everyone as Don Sanders managed to ACE #7, then birdie-birdie 8 and 9. He claims the Deuce pot of $750 and ran from his bar tab before we could find him to pay. 

There's quite a bit of money still in the shop for everyone to spend. The staff is going to start loading up on Travis Mathew and Under Armour if you guys don't get to spending!

PGA of Sask is still fighting for shotguns, so maybe we'll get lucky in late July/August/Sept. If we wanted to have some fun and do any team events once a month (best 2-3 of 4 or scramble/best ball), it'd be fun to take a vote as we crawl towards the end of the year. The team handicapped best ball would be the best way to allow points to play out. It's still tough to get everyone together, but it could make men's night a lot more fun in a team format.


That is all,



Jun 18, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

The wind finally stopped

We finally had some scores that looked more like the handicaps listed with our golfers. We had a few golfers flirting with their personal best and another deuce on a par 4.


Here's the current yearly top 15


1 Marshall Bakken 191.5 0 191.5
2 Craig Robson 190.5 0 190.5
3 Jaxon Chartrand 187 0 187
4 Dale Ruckaber 187 0 187
5 Mark Neuberger 183 0 183
6 Peter Lauf 181.5 0 181.5
7 Travis Mryglod 180.5 0 180.5
8 Brad Mryglod 178 0 178
9 Kevin Hallberg 177.5 0 177.5
10 Clint Hanson 177 0 177
11 Kevin Ripplinger 174 0 174
12 Pat Spagrud 173.5 0 173.5
13 Marc Henderson 173 0 173
14 Kyle Hillstead 172 0 172
15 Dave Rommann 172 0 172

6.10 Payouts and Update

Jun 11, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

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6/10/20 Special

Jun 8, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

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Weather Update - Blowing Hard

May 28, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

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2020 Men's Night

May 21, 2020 | Posted by Dru Bolen

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Gross

Gross Flight : Handicap Range +3 to 7


Derien Herlick


Craig Robson

Gross Flight : Handicap Range 8 to 12


Jeff Schaeffer


Kyle Mryglod

Gross Flight : Handicap Range 13 to 30


Jerod Rommann

Jim Linnell

Low Net


Jerod Rommann

Jim Linnell

Deuce Pot

Gross Flight +3 to 30

Deuce Value: $12.22

Carter Hilkewich

Kris Labatt (2)

Adrian Miller

Kevin Ripplinger

Craig Robson

Jeff Schaeffer

Rocky Sidloski

Cole Warren

Last Players Score Entered 3 days 13 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Kevin Hallberg $102
T2 Orville Acton $54
T2 Jim Pennington $54
T2 Dave Benson $54
T5 Marshall Bakken $44
T5 Don Sanders $44
T7 Jaxon Chartrand $28
T7 Craig Robson $28
T9 Brad Mryglod $27
T9 Travis Mryglod $27
T9 Pat Spagrud $27
T12 Kevin Ripplinger $20.5
T12 Trent Rommann $20.5
T12 Dale Ruckaber $20.5
T12 Jamie Schad $20.5
T12 Cole Warren $20.5
T12 Jorden Zazula $20.5
T12 Kris Labatt $20.5
T12 Winston Bailey $20.5
T12 Nathan Deck $20.5
T12 Clint Hanson $20.5
T12 Kyle Hillstead $20.5
T12 Jamie Miller $20.5
T12 Peter Lauf $20.5
T12 Dennis Lizuck $20.5
T12 Mark Neuberger $20.5
T12 Worthy Pierce $20.5
28 Tyler Hollar $17
T29 Tyler Mryglod $10
T29 Chad Bailey $10
T31 Adam Ziegler $0
T31 Brad Wheeler $0
T31 Fred Waroma $0
T31 Trent Wahl $0
T31 Jeff Tosczak $0
T31 Lee Tochor $0
T31 George Sirounnis $0
T31 Rocky Sidloski $0
T31 Jeff Schaeffer $0
T31 Morgan Sanders $0
T31 Dustin Rouse $0
T31 Dylan Nielsen $0
T31 Richie Lee $0
T31 Trent Nelson $0
T31 Dustin Murray $0
T31 Kyle Mryglod $0
T31 Chris Moser $0
T31 Mark Missal $0
T31 Troy Miller $0
T31 Jaedon Miller $0
T31 Darren Miller $0
T31 Adrian Miller $0
T31 Ian Mackenzie $0
T31 Jim Linnell $0
T31 Jeff Barsness $0
T31 Dan Manning $0
T31 JJ Fisher $0
T31 Dylan Jones $0
T31 Tim Hughes $0
T31 Lucas Hughes $0
T31 Kelly Hilkewich $0
T31 Carter Hilkewich $0
T31 Marc Henderson $0
T31 Brendan Heggs $0
T31 Luke Guest $0
T31 Lorne Garland $0
T31 Todd Gallant $0
T31 Colin Folk $0
T31 Jihoon Kim $0
T31 Luk Bell $0
T31 Ryan Filteau $0
T31 Jeff Davies $0
T31 Ray Cugnet $0
T31 Russ Chartrand $0
T31 Lawrence Campbell $0
T31 Adam Calibaba $0
T31 Connor Burk $0
T31 Leonard Brock $0
T31 Kelly Brady $0
T31 Dru Bolen $0
T31 Warren Betker $0
T31 Mike Keslering $0
T31 Ken Robertson $0
T31 Mike Knoll $0
T31 Dave Rommann $0
Total Payout $854